Friday, September 29, 2006


I usually handle rejection well. I mean, come on, it is like 95% of my business-REJECTION. Especially when it comes to my kids and their jobs, I am way down to earth about it, compared to some of those stereotypes-which by the way....I meet very few tried and true STAGE MOTHERS.

Anyway, the baby recently did a Holiday photoshoot for Talbots. Hers was the only holiday job this year. Usually around the end of summer we have a sprinkling of these jobs, but this year, only one. She looked really cute in the dress, and I was excited to see the shot. Today I checked on line, and this is what I found. FYI, that's not my baby. It is Emma though, who was my "daughter" a few months ago. I am happy for Emma, but just a little dissappointed that my baby didn't get it, especially because her big sister did the same job a few years earlier:

To soothe my pain, however, another baby that was up for the same shot's mother....(how's that for some great grammer?), emailed me this ad today with the baby and me:

At first I did not see us because I looked straight at the baby in the frame, but then I saw us in the grey at the top right corner. That photo was taken just about 1 year ago, and so that made me feel a little LESS dissappointed...but I STILL wanted her to get that Talbots shot. Rats.

Book Cover Queen

Yesterday I had a quick job in the morning for a book cover. Originally my agents had told me the title of the book was Queen of Babel. I googled Babel and I got things like Babel Fish, the cast and crew list for the 2006 film called Babel, starring Brad Pitt, and Dogs of Babel, which I read and it was good. For some reason, when I originally heard the title, I thought of something lusty and possibly romance-like. I couldn't be more wrong however, as most of the google searches taught me that babel is associated with language. I decided, after my non-lusty results, to try searching it on amazon. And there was no Queen of Babel, but there was a Queen of BabBle. AH....of course.

And yes, it turns out, that was the cover that I photographed yesterday, only for the paperback printing, since obviously, the hardcover is already finished. It was a face shot with me wearing a hat. It was fun and cute, and it will be a nice addition to my portfolio.

In other news, my friend marion called me last night pretty excited b/c while she was watching Grey's Anatomy, she saw my Nuvaring Commercial. My husband and I were just discussing how it doesn't come on any shows that we watch, but we immediately switched over to our tivoed Grey's, and finally saw it on a show that we watch! Yeah! That was fun.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The worth of one frame

Every time Runway Moms airs, I get an email from someone, asking about my hair. And usually it is the same email verbatum...I feel like someone might be playing a trick on me. Dear Kristy, saw you on runway moms, love your hair, yada yada yada, will you send me several photos of you hair at all angles? It is so specific every time. I love it.

One of my emailers actually drove out to my salon and got her haircut by my guy. Isn't that crazy/fun? My latest hair fan is from Michigan. I am so grateful that she took the time to write to me because she found a tear sheet that I searched for for months. It is from a British Magazine, Junior Pregnancy & Baby.

I remember getting the job in a last-minute situation. I was working out the details of the booking WHILE I was on the set of another job. I had been wrangling all day, and then I was to go straight to this photoshoot with my baby. At one point in the day I was told that it was a topless nursing shot, and I expressed my discomfort with that to my agents, and after a few more conversations back and forth between them and the photographer, I agreed to do the shoot.

Though I knew I could draw the line at what I was and wasn't comfortable with, I still felt a little trepidation going into the shoot. It slowly dissipated however when I entered the dim studio with beautiful classical music playing. The set was a bed with white sheets and pillows. The photographer perched on a ladder high above the mattress that was on the floor. My baby and I got comfortable in the bed and nursed while listening to the music and being quietly photographed.

I fought back the wet tears (simply for makeups' sake), but I cried the entire shoot. My baby was 11 weeks old and it was the first time I realized that I loved her. Through the chaos of having another baby and keeping up with my schedule with two children, taping a reality show, and working quite a lot (for being postpartum), I had not had a chance to savor my little one. This photoshoot gave me a priceless opportunity, and lucky for me, the exact moment that I realized I had unconditional, boundless, wild love for my daughter was caught on film, for me to cherish and remember always, and I share that with you here:

Nick Jr. October

Yesterday I did something I have never done before, in the name of multi-tasking. I had a go-see for Dudley Publications, which is the company that supplies all those images for all those hair magazines (if you click on the link, you will see me on the cover, wearing yellow on the right). The last time I worked for them, the go-see took about 1 hour, so knowing that, I wanted to be there early. I realized this a little late though, so I rushed around this morning to get myself washed, clothed, and out the door. I had no time for makeup so...

I threw it all in a bag, and jetted to drop my older daughter off at school. Then I walked to the corner, and while I waited for the bus, I did my makeup. Ingenious! Not only did I not have to walk 10 blocks, but I finished in the EXACT time it took for the bus to arrive. I was like: "Why haven't I done this before?"

After the go-see (that I was half an hour EARLY some lose some), I decided to try to hunt down the cover of the October issue of Nick Jr. Magazine. My daughter and I did the cover-try for it, so I was anxious to see if we made it. I was greeted by security and a line of crazy people, who apparently had been sleeping on the sidewalk the night before. I heard the news that U2 was making an appearance at the store later that afternoon. As a result, everytime I exchanged these words with someone: Have a nice day, You two....I laughed.

I digress. I got to the magazine section and they were still displaying the September issue. I inquired at the help desk about getting the October copy. They explained that they had new "magazine laws" about following the dates on magazines that say: Display Until _________...kind of like an expiration date. Apparently Nick Jr.'s September Issue expired TODAY, and the guy was about to tell me to come back tomorrow. Are you kidding me? I nicely explained why I needed the magazine so much, and he was nice enough to find me a few copies for purchase, in the back.

I had to break the news to my daughter that she didn't get the cover, and she took it extremely well...she fake cried for 1 1/2 seconds, until she spotted the package of 60 gummy eyeballz that I bought for Halloween from Costco. I think she should have gotten it, I mean look at that little prairie girl pillowcase costume:

I just looked at the cover again, and noticed the wording on the little bear's tummy. That's interesting huh? I guess there was no other place to put it? My hair probably would have been ok, but whatever. This little boy has a twin sister and the two of them are inside the magazine along with some other really cute ideas for pillowcase costumes.

I really enjoyed this job because for most of it, I was working with my daughter, and we really love it when we get a chance to work together.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This photo was emailed to me today as an advertisement for a sale on Is motherwear seriously still using my photos? That was over a year ago. This shirt was actually brown, nice photoshop job guys.

I will never forget this photoshoot for several reasons:

A. When my baby was about 7 weeks old, my agents called me to ask my measurements. I made something up that sounded reasonable, having just given birth 7 weeks ago. I was not about to pull out the measuring tape.

B. I had to travel for only the second time in my long (2 years) career as a model. We shot the entire catalog on location in South Hampton, Massachusetts. My husband and toddler hung out together checking out the butterfly museum and the movie theatre.

C. Both of the models hired were named Kris(ty). So, because I required a girdle (thank you, 10 week old baby), my nickname for the duration of the shoot was, Gertie.

D. The third day of shooting was lingerie/pajamas. I had to wear an outfit that sported my midrif. I had NO idea this was part of the job. I put on the sports bra and pajama bottoms and walked onto the set. The entire set of people (client, photographer, artistic director, makeup artist, and about 5 others), I swear to you, took a collective breath in, by way of telling me...."Suck it in little lady." It was so noticeable I called them all on it. But, they were really nice about my postpartum figure.

E. I actually had to nurse someone else's baby, all in the name of work. Just kidding, she's mine, all mine.

When I look back on these photos I feel glad that I am past that part of being a mother of two. It is tiring nursing a baby and working through that. The baby was an absolute dream on that set. She would be photographed while eating, and then sleep in the trailer until she was hungry again...absolute dream. And it is a trip that I will never forget.

Monday, September 25, 2006

My brother's girlfriend is HOT.

I knew this would happen someday. I am the oldest of four kids, and the age spans 11 years. That decade is really going to start catching up with me someday. I am going to be the oldest daughter, the OLD aunt, the wrinkly matriarch of the family once my mother passes on (in 50 years). I feel pretty good about myself after having two kids, and roughing it in city life for the past decade, but the OLDEST SISTER thing is starting to creep up on me.

My brother just started college about 2 months ago, after he spent a week being my manny while I was in California. My brother....I guess I will admit it, he's a looker. And on top of that, he is such a nice and good guy. Of course this kind of guy is going to date. When my mom and I discuss our little son/brother (who is now an adult) dating, we reassure ourselves that it's natural (inevitable) to want to date when you are 18 years old. We are just not quite ready for this.

And now....he has a HOT girlfriend. I saw her picture today and I realized that she hasn't had two kids, she doesn't have cellulite and grey hair (I found 3 yesterday!), and her teeth are white and her boobs are....well, she hasn't nursed two children! She's hot!

And now it has begun. My little brother and sister will bring home their fiances and they will be at least a decade (maybe more if my brother is like my husband) younger then me, and they won't have been through the ringer...and I will always have these young and attractive sister and brothers-in-law aging slower then me, and just being younger then me for my entire life!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


This past weekend my husband and I attended a wedding. We haven't been to one in a couple of years. Even though I did not know the bride and groom at all (groom was my husband's co-worker), I really enjoyed hearing the homily in the service about love and marriage and commitment and such. It brought a tear to my eye as I thought back on my own marriage.

Then came the reception. It was in New Jersey. I never knew much about NJ stereotypes, but all of a sudden, several of them came alive. I have only seen The Sopranos a few times, but seeing some of the ladies attending the wedding reminded me of the lead guy's wife....played by Edie Falco. I saw lots of big hair, rings on pinkies, wigs on heads, and SEQUINS. I felt like I had entered another world: New Jersey!

The band was awesome. They had several band members that both played instruments and sang. They were really good at imitating Billy Joel, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Jewel etc. I was really entertained and impressed with all of them. And the crowd REALLY responded....dancing whenever they had a chance. The cocktail hour alone had more food then my entire wedding (including the luncheon before the reception). I was stuffed even before I got to the sit-down dinner. I guess stopping for Dairy Queen Blizzards right after the wedding didn't help the fullness factor.

When the band announced dinner was served, I was glad that I hurried over to the table because my worst nightmare could have occurred. Picture this: the server approaches the table with a divided platter kind of like this one, containing prime rib and gravy on one side and shrimp with a cream sauce on the other. She had 1 (count them) 1 spoon to dish up all of it on our plates. Her pattern was always to start with the girl across from me and work her way around the table counter clockwise, serving me last. I quickly stepped in and said: "Please serve me first, because I am allergic to shellfish."

Nice save. I am glad I did too, because it was really good, and I would have been sad if I had missed out. I watched the server dish up the goods to everyone else, and as I watched her use the one spoon on both items, I just felt scared and nervous. In my mind that shrimp is like cyanide....and she was poisoning the red meat with it. I get this same fearful feeling whenever I pass by a fish market or the fish section at the grocery store. Poison...beware.

Thankfully, being aware of what I am eating is second nature to me now, but it wasn't always and I have been hospitalized once. I was eating at one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook your meal at your table. The chef started with some shrimp, and served it on all of our plates. I knew I was allergic (by allergy test, not experience), and so I removed it onto my Dad's plate and cleaned my plate off. Then he cooked my chicken and beef dinner on the same grill, and after eating it for a few minutes I was swelling up in my throat. I was amazed that the heat from the grill wasn't enough to "kill" the shrimp buggies, and that I would react so severely. The only other close call I had was at a Mexican restaurant. I ordered some chicken that was smothered with cheese, for some reason I decided to lift up the cheese with my fork, and right underneath it lay a single small shrimp...I hadn't even taken one bite, but it made me nervous about the cooking conditions so I think I passed on the entire meal.

I should carry my epipen. I need to get a new one b/c the one I have has expired...but after my recent allergist experience, it may still be awhile before I get that prescription.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Posse Train

Yesterday I entered the subway train car and at least half the car was laughing at what appeared to be the same thing. This NEVER happens. I looked around and I saw a woman standing on the subway seat. I knew why. I tried to remain calm despite my murophobia.

I calmly asked a man nearby if there was a rat on the car. He said: "A mouse," and then held up two fingers to indicate that it was very small. I nonchalantly walked to the other end of the train car and consciously decided to stand in the middle, b/c A. I know that rodents like to creep along the sides of walls, and B. I was on my feet in case I needed to move rapidly away from the rodent.

At the next stop I switched subway cars, and started breathing again.

My Posse Train will rest tomorrow, no jobs, holds, bookings, auditions, nada, nothing, zilch. I am going to a wedding though.

Yesterday afternoon I found out that I am on hold for a job on the 28th for a book cover...the title: Queen of Babel. Yes, my agent burst out laughing when she told me the news. Should be an interesting one.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Working Mother

One of my oldest and closest friends recently (8 weeks ago) became a mother. She is an actress in Chicago, and she even more recently (2 weeks ago), started auditioning again. She called a few days ago asking for this advice: "What do you do with the baby when you audition?"

I bring one or both of my children to probably 95% of castings/go-ses/auditions. I walk in the room and I survey the immediate reaction of those present. Whoever smiles, shows interest, actually TALKS to me, is the person that will probably end up watching my kids when I go in the room. Sometimes someone offers-usually a fellow mother (who may or may not have her child with her), or someone who just likes kids. If no one offers and no one has shown interest, I usually make an announcement before I go in the room: "Will you all keep a collective eye on my children and make sure no one kidnaps them?" I guess it's more of a rhetorical question really.

I have only had a handful of less than ideal experiences. 1. Both babies at 4 months old cried the entire time I was in the room. Someone was holding them and happy to do so, but they were literally tired and not having it. I still remember what the auditions were for: Nine, the musical and BJ's Warehouse commercial. 2. Once when I was at the Equity Building waiting for a musical audition I was asked not to stand in the line to go in because my baby and I were distracting the other actors. In fact, it was so out of the blue from the monitor, that I think someone had requested I was put in my place. 3. I approached someone to watch my child and she said she was extremely uncomfortable doing that. ok...I just asked the next person.

My rules: I never ask the person who is RIGHT after me. I do not ask the person who seems really into their copy/preparation. I do not expect anyone to touch, hold or feed the baby, because I would never want them to get messy. I do not bring my children to callbacks (except for that one time....story later).

After talking to my friend, I realized that I am pretty lucky that things have gone so well for almost 5 years now (if you count carting the baby to auditions with me while in utero). I also expressed to my friend that if people are going to immediately be dissinterested in me because I am a mother and because I bring my children with me, then I am not interested in working with them.

Then there was yesterday. I walked into a large room. There were about 30 people waiting to get their photos taken for a go-see for a print job. In I walk with my 17-month-old who immediatly runs over to the light box to touch it. The casting director at the table yells rather loudly: "No, no, no, no, no, no!" Got it, I am right behind her. Discretion at that point was out the window. I filled out my sheet and tried to keep her quiet. I noticed another mother there, with her baby that seemed more like 2. I noticed her nursing at one point and I asked myself: "Hmmm...I wonder how that works when mom leaves?" simply because nursing toddlers seem pretty attached to their mothers. Well, it was mom's turn and she had her friend hold the child. The toddler promptly began screaming, and the casting director proceeded to quite deliberately insert her fingers into her ears.

I was probably the only one who noticed this "gesture", (the screaming didn't seem to be HURTING anyone else's ears), so I tried to suggest to the woman watching the kid that we step out into the hall, but she didn't listen to me. When the mom was done I pointed out how rudely the casting director had been, just to sort of be like a mother on her side.

So then my daughter starts up crying, which TOTALLY makes sense because we had just come from being on set for almost 3 hours, she had thrown her bottle on the train earlier to it's demise (it cracked in half on the bottom, milk EVERYWHERE), and had only taken a few tiny sips of a milk I bought her, and she was tired. After the plugging ears crazy casting director, I went out into the hall to try to get her to stop crying. I was actually saying to my 17-month-old: "Please don't do this now." I spied some M & M's at this little coffee bar in the studio and grabbed them, promising to pay later. I sat her on a chair, opened up those M & M's and let her chow down. A woman sitting next to her volunteered to watch her: she had 2 boys at home. And she was an angel while I got my photos taken.

Here's the thing. If that casting director, who obviously lacks compassion when it comes to the plight of wanting to mother and make a living, isn't interested in me simply because I bring my children with me(...which I am not saying is the case, because I don't know for a fact, but the whole plugging ears thing makes me think maybe she was trying to tell us mothers something...), then I wish she would just tell me so that I didn't waste her time, my time, and risk hurting her preciously, sensitive (rather large) ears.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Grammy

Dear Grammy, it is your birthday today, so in your honor, I decided to model for your favorite clothing company, Talbots. I modeled this outfit:

It was such a hard job because they were taking a picture of two wiggly babies that were both around my age. We had to stand still, which is virtually impossible, and close together, and we had to smile, AND we had to keep our clothes Unwrinkled. Talk about impossible. It was so impossible that in 2 1/2 hours they couldn't get one good picture with 4 of us babies.

They asked us all to come back again tomorrow to try to get the shot just right. Suckers.

But today is about you. And I just want you to know that you are the best Grammy ever. You are always so nice to send me special things in the mail, and have special treats and surprises in your house and purse whenever I come to visit. This past weekend my big sister said: "I like Grammy's house better than Boston," and I agree with her. I'm gonna tell my new cousin Violet all about you and how fun it is to come to your house and visit. My mom is so lucky that you are HER mom...and I am just glad to be part of the legacy. I am full of big words today.

Well Grammy, I wanted to show you one more picture, it is of my very attractive legs. I think I got those from you! This is what I was doing for a good part of the morning as I waited for my moment under the lights. I highly recomend wearing white ankle socks, especially at YOUR age...they do a lot for a woman's legs! I love you Grammy...see you later.

Love, ME

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Whenever I go on a trip, even a small one like this past weekend to Boston, coming back to New York is jarring. It takes me a little while (5 minutes) to remember where I am and that I have to get my New York on.

Today seemed to be a particularly sketchy NYC day. I was of course hanging around 14th Street quite a bit, which invites a certain, expected level of sketchiness all around...from Park Ave to 9th on guard for the sketchiness. The most sketchy incident was a guy who approached me on the subway platform (and I am sensitive about anyone approaching me on the platform after the assault that happened to me a few years back), and he sort of demanded "just one dollar" from me. For some reason I felt like this was a good response: "You should not be approaching women about this, go talk to some men." He said @#$*& You. Nice. If I hadn't been completely back into my NYC reality already, this really jarred me back into my life. Great.

I also noticed a girl sitting one seat away from me on the subway, wearing a large black eye patch and sword earrings and carrying a large plastic, silver sword. Huh? I found out later today that it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Oh...that explains it!

Then there were the elevators. Last week my back went out after I did some schlepping with the stroller. I decided to try to be smart this week and use elevators whenever possible. Riding in a subway elevator is one of the most disgusting things you can ever do in NYC. Most of the time it just reeks of urine. It is a small, enclosed, darkish, slow elevator with a smell to knock you out. It is too scary to hold your breath because of the enclosed, slow-moving, dark vessel, so instead you breathe out of your mouth and then you realize you are like breathing in someone else's urine in your mouth. Riding in an elevator has only one win: you don't throw your back out.

Today the elevators were particularly sketchy. First of all, no one was using proper elevator ettiquette. Nobody was honoring a line, or first come first serve, at one point I thought one lady was going to step over my stroller which I had strategically blocking the doorway so that I could enter the elevator as my being-there-before-her allowed me. Once we got in the nasty, heinous, horrendous smelling device, there was a crazy man with lots of bags talking to himself. And then I had the most horrifying scenario run through my mind:

WHAT IF WE ALL GET STUCK IN THIS ELEVATOR? I had never before weighed that risk in my mind when I rode the elevator. Being stuck in an elevator is probably bad enough...but THIS elevator with the stench and the mysterious wetness (not so mysterious), the dirt, grime, climbing horror of it all....STUCK. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Needless to write, I made it through my day, all 4 or so elevators and everything. Even the baby booked the job she was seen for today, so tomorrow she and I get to go to a photoshoot for Talbots Kids. Hopefully we can avoid the sketchiness.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Boston: Then & Now

8 years ago when my husband and I were planning our honeymoon we both had an idea of where we should go. He brought up the subject one night as we were driving around in his little red eclipse. I had a certain idea, and I was hoping he would go along with it. He said: "How about Boston?" I could not believe my ears....that is where I wanted to go! Why? I don't just came to me. You will see from the photo of me 8 years ago I was about 20 pounds heavier than I am now, and I was not the most secure with my appearance...the idea of sands, beaches, swimming, and most importantly SWIMSUITS...did not appeal to me...even though that seemed like a very honeymoonish thing to do.

The decision on where to honeymoon was probably one of the easiest we made together that first year. On that trip we fell in love with the city, and even today it doesn't take much arm-twisting to get us back, especially since we are now on the East Coast. This will be our third trip since we have lived in New York. Our first trip, 8 years ago we stayed in the Midtown Hotel. The location is great, the accomodations...not so much. Since then we have upgraded to places like the Radisson and this last trip the Marriott. MUCH nicer...let me just tell you.

Some of my fave places in Boston: Quincy Market, Beacon Hill, Public Garden, and Newbury Street. The city is clean, the air is fresh, and the accents....from another world. 8 years ago my BRAND new husband and I took the duck boats tour, apparently we were on the pink boat. We decided to take our little ones on that tour for old times sake. We rode in the Boston Red Sox duck...and it was such a nice tour of the city and the Charles River was just beautiful. Our girls loved it, and our four-year-old even got to drive the boat...she volunteered herself...we were surprised!

I did a little shopping and got this fabulous dress. Actually, they didn't have my size, so I picked it up at the NYC Lord and Taylor this afternoon,but seeing it in the window in Boston gave me the idea to buy it:

I love it. It will be great to perform in this holiday season. In all, our long weekend to Boston was just what the doctor ordered, and our little family had a great time and we feel refreshed. Now back to work/school/ballet class/chaos for us!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Stoop Sale

Last weekend we had a stoop sale. That's right...stoop. In Astoria, we don't have yards or garages that can hold a sale, we have stoops. I think I made close to 80 dollars. It was a dissappointing turn out despite my flyer hanging, poster hanging, craigslist listings, and crossing fingers. We had about 5 families represented though, and amongst all of us we sold a stereo system, two bikes, the first season of LOST on DVD, and a bunch of crap that we no longer needed. We even sold one of two sweaters that I accidentally singed when I put a match down on them that was still lit...we were celebrating our friends birthday.

One guy watching from his balcony saw a spiffy set of golf clubs walk into the house of our friend, and came running over to inquire: Nope, not for sale...sorry. During the sale I had several inquiries on my daughter's tutu from her recital...the 70 dollar one, worn 3 times. I wanted 5 bucks for it, what can I say. As we were loading our stuff at the end of the day to take to salvation army (not including the tu-tu), my husband GAVE it to a woman who was not looking to buy anything. I cringed and then let it go...."My treasures do not rise with me..."

I did have fun though, spending the day sitting at my friend's stoop just talking. We had a stoop sale several years ago and I think that was one of the first times that these now amazing friends that I have, all bonded. I remember loading up my ginormous GRACO stroller with all my stuff, and precariously walking it the SEVERAL blocks to my friend's stoop, and then selling away. One friend sold everything for one dollar, and even though she didn't make the most money in the end, I think she moved the most items. I used her technique this time around, in honor of her. How much? 1 DOLLAR!

My favorite moment of THAT (not this) stoop sale was when a guy approached me about my guitar:
guy: how much?
me: 15
guy (getting out his LARGE cash clip): 50?
me: no 15 (doh)

I did NOT have my new york mind going...I SO could have gotten 50 bucks for that piece of crap. RATS.

Hey, I am off to Boston, see ya Tuesday.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Everybody Needs an Audience

Today it was confirmed, my daughter did come from my womb. She came home from school to find that I had bought her a new ballet class leotard/skirt get-up and some new patent leather "tap" shoes, but really they are just dress shoes. She quickly set up an audience on the front room rug, and did a song and dance for them.

Every once in a while I crave being back on the stage again. It's really fun, and I miss it. Luckily I have lots of other fun in my life, but there is nothing like being in a show. At least now I know that I have an audience of various plastic dolls, stuffed bears and daughters, if I just HAVE to perform.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Delta, Delta, Delta, Can I helpya, helpya, helpya

Today I had an audition for Delta. Actually, for a commercial about American Express and Delta becoming business partners. It was an odd audition because it was more like a chat with the casting director, who I have never met. We sat across a table and got to know each other, then I read the copy from the paper (no cue cards or camera), and then she asked me back for a callback on Friday.

I have been avoiding Friday. I got a modeling job offer for a Costume Company (decent pay) for all day Friday and I said No. I hardly EVER say no. But I am too excited for my long weekend trip to Boston with the fam. I will put the trip off for a morning callback though, especially for a commercial. So we will leave around 10:30 instead of 8:00.

When my agents told me that I had this audition, I did a little research. I found the site for Richard Tyler's new design of the Delta Uniforms. They look really cool. I had a dilemma though...should I wear red or blue? I chose a cerulean blue in the new dress that Target is carrying by Paul and Joes. It is easy to move in and a trendy cut.

For the callback, in front of the client, I have to wear a suit. I don't technically have a suit. When business attire is required, I usually wear a black suit skirt, blouse, black heels and pearls. This is Delta though, and they seem to be trying to hip it up, so I think I am going to take a little risk. I am going to wear a brown skirt that is fitted and then flairs slightly at the knee, a cream slightly ruffled blouse with an orange blazer and brown high heels. There is risk in that the orange might buzz a little on camera, and orange and brown are nowhere near American Express or Delta colors, but who cares, my blue eyes look good in those colors, and that is all that matters. Especially since BLUE is a color of both Delta and AmEx.

I'll keepya posted.


Last night I had a really fun wrangling job. It was for a Johnson & Johnson ad, for their aromatherapy sleep bedtime products. I am sure there is a more specific name...but it's not my job to know what it is. My job is to keep the babies asleep, in a fake crib, in a contrived position and get a perfect photo of them. Easy right?

Actually, the very first baby to go was a dream (pun intended). She just laid there looking absolutely beautiful and angelic. Each baby had to sleep on their back, with their faces turned to their left, left hand out stretched, and right hand anywhere that wasn't being picked up in the photograph. Depending on the size of their heads/bellies, this could be anywhere from out to the side, to down at their side. Baby Daniella was perfect. 1 down, 5 to go.

We had two white babies, two hispanic babies and two black babies. As is usually the case, there is the choice baby, and then back-up baby. All 5 of these babies were not loving having to sleep on a set and be photographed while doing it, so we took anybody we could get. After about 4 tries, we finally got baby Shea to settle into a deep, snoring, no-binky-required sleep, and he photographed beautifully.

The most interesting part of last night was seeing the apparent rituals and routines that went into getting these babies to fall asleep. I saw a baby with a duckie, a binky and a very specific rock from mom. I also saw his Dad do a very specific butt pat. This Dad had used this technique on both of his sons, as they were colicky infants. I saw a baby who liked to have his fingers sucked by his parents. Both parents did it. These two were working so hard to get and keep their baby asleep. The Dad was very methodical about it, and suggested I not touch the baby. Sorry, that's sort of my job, and you aren't listening to me and getting him in the exact right position. He went home.

One of our star babies, turns out co-sleeps with her parents, so she was just NOT comfortable being alone while asleep. She always needed to be touching something or to be touched. At one point we almost had her fooled that we were really her parents, but she ended up going home too. I swear if that Dad could have fit in that crib, and been invisible, he would have crawled right in. We made a note to ourselves: Next time we are casting sleeping babies, add this question: Does your child co-sleep?

Then there was the baby who was so knocked out, we could literally manipulate her in any way we needed to. At one point, I wanted to see if I could put her own finger up her nose, but the client was there and I had to be professional. She was such a nice way to end the evening. I left at 10:30 PM. Yikes.

Seeing these parents with their rituals brought back a memory of when I was on a cruise ship and I was walking on the track early in the morning, around 6, and this woman was strolling her baby in a stroller, bent over the front with her two fingers in the baby's mouth. I saw her doing that at least 3 times on the course of the cruise, and I decided she was nuts. She made some comment in the elevator: "Well, he can't take my fingers with him to college..." Whoa.

I spent part of my night wondering how these parents came up with these very specific tactics. The baby doesn't say: Mom, I really need to suck on two of your fingers while you push me in the stroller. Mom, I need you to suck on my fingers and bounce up and down. Mom, please sleep in the bed with me...pretty please. One thing is for sure, these parents LOVE LOVE LOVE their babies. I love my babies too, but I love the Ferber technique probably just as much. And my two cents: I think the best love you can show your baby is to teach them how to do it on their own. Granted, my baby would never have been able to do that photoshoot at the age of 6 to 9 months b/c she needs to be laid in the crib and made to cry herself to sleep. I never would have been able to rock her, get her to sleep and then set her down, so in the "business" ferberizing is a negative, but in the world...I think it's A-OK!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nuvaring Update

Today is a busy day with a Microsoft Casting in the morning, followed by a wrangling job this afternoon/evening. It is for Johnson & Johnson, and it is a sleeping baby shot. Oh boy. 6 to 9 month olds. Asleep. I am grateful for the late call time, but usually these babies are fussy around 5 to 7, so we will see.

In other news, the Nuvaring website is coming together. I have found most of the video I shot, up on the site. Here are the FAQ's, which were the most hilarious copy to shoot. Be sure to click on this question: WHAT DOES NUVARING FEEL LIKE WHEN IT'S IN MY VAGINA? Count how many times I get to say the V-word! Ok, if that grosses you out, it's 5.

Check it out.

Monday, September 11, 2006

In Memory

On September 11th, 2001 I lived in College Park, MD. I was expecting my first baby. I have written about my experience that day, here.

My thoughts will be with all those whose lives changed on that day. Especially my dawgs: marion, chloe and tftCarrie.

Friday, September 08, 2006

School Adventures

The Glass Posse Adventures of late have centered around the commencement of my older daughter's education. I am sitting here right now in the first peaceful moment I have had in about a month. My older daughter is at school and my baby is asleep. Can I get a collective sigh please?

Genius that I am, I decided to give my older daughter a break from what we call "little school" for the month of August. I thought it would be nice if we spent our summer days together before she started school for the rest of her life. We did have many fun adventures going to the Queens Zoo, The New York Aquarium, Scholastic Book Store, Central Park, The Astoria Playground, etc. However, my kids started driving me nuts. I think it was too much 2 on 1. Up until August I had maintained a healthy balance of 1 on 1 vs. 2 on 1 vs. alone time ratio...and then it all got messed up with my older daughter constantly home.

The thing is, she was the good one most of the time, it was little sis that just made everybody crazy all the time. Needless to say, I am glad school has begun. It has brought a whole new set of adventures, starting with the first day.

We ushered the kids into the school gym where they were greeted by a mom-helper and their teachers, and sorted into two lines. Blue crayon nametags in one, yellow smileyfaces in another. My daughter had a yellow smiley face which meant she was in Mrs. Larson's class. I was having my first-day-of-school-mommy-verklempt moment when it was interrupted by Miss Irene, who is the teacher who evaluated my daughter, interviewed her, and introduced me to the school last spring. She approached me and said: "You know, if you want your daughter in MY CLASS, you know what to do." I must have had a stupefied look on my face, because she went on to explain: "You just talk to the assistant principal and you demand a change." I think I nodded, still with the stupefied look, and went on my way. She then approached me one last time with: "If you WANT your child in MY CLASS..." and then indicated where the assitant principal was standing.

I thought this was shocking, unexpected, hilarious, and concerning all at once. First of all, because you did that, I am totally turned off to you and your class. Secondly, it is concerning that you are competitive against a teacher that you share the same goals with: educating our children. Thirdly, what kind of person demands their child is in one class or another, specific circumstances pending. I was concerned about my child being in the same class as another child that I think is a negative influence, but even if they were put in the same class, I would not have requested a change unless something serious/major happened, AFTER I had given it a chance...and even then I mean come on...they're 4. Needless to say, I am not demanding a change.

I was really impressed with Mrs. Larson. She seems self confident, down to earth, and she has good grammar, which is hard to come by in this neck of the woods. And I have a feeling my daughter won't come home with a New York accent after being taught by her all day, so that's nice. She'll still fit in with our family.

This morning was day 2 of school, and the first day without moms and dads actually coming into the building with them. About an hour before we had to leave my daughter peed all over the bathroom floor. I was...not happy. My husband thinks it is NOT a coincidence that it was her first real day of "real" school and she had this very out-of-character accident. The last time this happened it was in the family room on my carpet, the second day her sister was home, 17 months ago. Maybe he's right. I guess I would prefer the liquid in the form of tears rather than pee...but what are you gonna do? I'll tell you what, call your child a puppy, clean it up, and move on.

Here is a letter that I wrote right after the first day yesterday.

The Finer Things in Life

I recently sat in a hair salon and spa on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for 5 hours, and got 16 inch extensions put into my 3 inch hair. Total Cost: Four Thousand Dollars. I did not pay for this. Nobody did. The salon is doing it to promote themselves and their technique. My head was hired to model this technique. Going from short to long hair is a whole post in itself.

After this experience I expected to feel expensive and fabulous and like a celebrity (extensions are ALL the rage). Instead I felt drained and empty. I do love my worldly things (one of my mantras while out shopping and out of dough is: MY TREASURES WILL NOT RISE WITH ME), and so I thought this would be a treat. Instead I realized that even if it cost 5 dollars, I would never WASTE that much time on myself. I realized that I am not as selfish as I thought I was…which was sort of a relief.

I realized that just BEING a mother makes you unselfish. Of course I have moments when I do shut my door or shut my brain off to the children for a little self time…but in general if they make it through a day, dry, fed, relatively happy, healthy and most importantly alive, then I have probably been unselfish that day. It took all that hair to realize this. Maybe next time I will just get a quick manicure to remind me how unselfish I am.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Y2K Hair

As promised, the Hair Theme for this first week of September, continues. I watched Rosie O'Donnell's opening day on The View and she spoke about how much she regretted her haircut between television shows, and that she would forever have long and luxurious locks.

It reminded me of a little haircut I had in the year 2000. I had been searching and searching for a stylist to really CUT my hair, and I finally found a guy at Milios Tattoo & Hair Salon on Belmont in Chicago. He gave me the most awesome haircut EVER. They even asked me if I would do a photoshoot similar to the Candie's ones...sitting on a toilet with panties down, with my new haircut. Ummmmm......let me think about it......NO.

Anyway, this haircut totally liberated me. My self esteem was boosted a thousand percent, and I moved to Washington DC and started booking the theatre, and everyone told me to grow my hair out already. My husband pretended to like it, but I am pretty sure he would never want me to return to this look. In fact, I cannot think of anyone in my life who loved this haircut, accept ME!

Below you will see my hair in the headshot that I gave out to hundreds of casting directors....hey it worked for DC!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Long Hair

I have been waiting to blog about my hair extensions experience until I had a great photo to include, but after months of waiting, it looks like this snapshot will have to do. Having hair extensions seems like an interesting idea for those women who already have long hair and want it a little longer, those women who have very fine and thinning hair and want more body, and those women who have short hair and want to have instant long hair, and happen to have hours each day and a personal stylist to do it. Oh yeah, and all these women have to have tons of disposable time and income.

I do not fall into any of these categories, I was just a model hired to illustrate the dramatic difference between your God-given hair and the hair that Paul Labrecque can give you.

First let me tell you about the hair itself. It is European Hair (as opposed to Asian), so it is naturally wavy. My hair is naturally straight, so after washing it, there was a few inches of straight hair and then all this waviness. So, not only did I have to get used to drying 20 times the amount of hair, but also wavy hair-something I was not used to dealing with...what a pain. Also, because the hair is a compilation of various women's hair, your hair suddenly smells foreign. It is not a bad smell, it's just not your smell. And I had never noticed the smell of myself before but all of a sudden when it was replaced, I missed it. I appeared on the Today Show with this hair (that was the whole reason I got it put in,) and I told Katie Couric that I think I would rather have someone else's kidney than hundred's of women's hair. I thought it made for a good CSI episode, they would find hundreds of hairs in my apartment, all with different DNA Yikes.

Then there is the experience of going from short to long. The logistical experience is somewhat difficult. The hair is heavy. I had to get used to the weight. The extensions themselves are attached right at the scalp, and there were I think 400 of them. You can no longer run your fingers through your hair from top of scalp down, they will get stuck on extensions. The best way I could describe how that feels is like you have 400 bobby pins hidden at your scalp. Also, you always had to hide where the hair attached, so a ponytail was really only realistic the first few weeks, because after that, your hair had grown and you could see every extension when you pulled the hair taught. When we were at Disneyland, and we went on the rides that had blacklight, all 400 attachments glowed in the dark. The most annoying part was my new hair shedding was like I owned a long-haired Irish Setter dog or something.

The other side of the experience was suddently being a long-haired woman. I had never experienced THIS long of hair. Back in high school I had had it a little below my shoulders at one point, and that was dyed blond and was really straight, so this was a totally new thing. On my way home from the salon I got a few catcalls, something that rarely happens to me. And I did find that I got a little more attention from men when I had the long hair. I also booked my first national commercial a few days after I got the hair put in, and I think if I had had my old look, they would not have seen me as playing a youthful girl talking about tampons.

Speaking of that commercial, after a few hours on set I got the worst headache, and I figured out why...because I had new heavy hair up in a ponytail, and it really was difficult to overcome that headache and continue working.

Though the extensions can last 4 months, I was totally over it within 4 weeks, and I think I got them taken out at week 5 or 6. I felt I couldn't look my best with all that hair. I didn't have time to spend on making it look good everyday. And I felt the look wasn't ME. I have since reconsidered a little bit, and I am thinking about growing my hair out one last time before I get to be a middle-aged woman, but who knows, I have had short hair for about 10 years now, I kind of love it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Before and After

This week's posts are all about hair. I shall open with my daughter's latest hair adventure. We tied and twisted her hair last night and this morning she was given a very crazy hairdo. She was giving a talk in her primary class today at church, so she looked extra fancy. Click on READ MORE to see pix.

As you can see by her face in the mirror, she wasn't feeling quite like herself going from straightest of straights to quite curly. It reminded me of a makeup artist I worked with last month. She was working with a beautiful little red-haired girl. She was working on a portrait for her portfolio so she styled her really cute and funky, and then put her hair up in twists similar to my daughter's, only thicker and more intentional. They had a great shoot and got adorable pix.

Then the makeup artist took the pins out with every intention of photographing her with the curly-hair look. The little model had never seen her hair curly and was really freaked out by the way she looked. They got about two frames of her before she burst into tears...but it only takes that one shot, and they got it, and it's awesome.

I thought my daughter was having a moment like that this morning, she said: "Everyone will make fun of me," but no one did. It was really cute.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Towards the beginning of our marriage my husband came up with this theory of why I get stressed out. He said I have all these circles floating around me that represent things I have to do. And they become overwhelming because I am looking at all of them at once. Then he suggested that I gather up the circles and put them in a pile, like a stack of 3 x 5 cards when you are giving a speech, and just look at one at a time.

Random huh? Ever since then all either of us has to say is: Too many circles, and that describes what is going on and helps me to focus. Right now I am having a circle moment. Today marks the home stretch for the year. I have exactly 3 months to achieve the following:
Finish the Album
Prepare a Christmas concert for my church (which has begun)
First Day of Pre-K
Have my stoop sale
Plan Halloween
Plan Thanksgiving
Plan Christmas
Prepare for my performances in Naperville, IL Dec. 7-12

And those are just the whoppers. I am sure in between there will be: auditions, callbacks, holds, bookings, 3 meals a day, season premieres on tv, my church responsibilities, register my daughter for ballet class, doctor appointments, bills to pay, trips to plan, and the list goes on.

Right now I am giving a lot away to the people around me. This happens when you try to be a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, member of the community in general. Last night my DH caught me at a tender moment and asked me a question and I just totally lost it. I was on my way to take care of myself with a bowl of Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream and to watch Project Runway. It was 8:30 and I was just getting around to fulfilling some of my needs, and he interrupted that and I just flipped (that's the nice word for lost it, freaked out, went temporarily insane). This morning he described it as a place he has not seen me gone before...which is saying something after 8 years, and witnessing me give birth...twice.

Speaking of giving birth, I think I might have a new niece by day's end. I guess I better gather that "Call Spongy Feet and order a gift" circle right now so that I can obliterate it.