Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photography by Michael Wood

This past weekend the girls and I had a photoshoot with Michael Wood. We met on the set of Queen of Babble, (a book cover), last year, and he offered to test with us. I took a look at his work, and decided that, (based on his photographs), we could probably be a little less commercial than we normally are.

He sent me some examples of makeup he wanted, and I was then inspired to pick two vintage dresses for my wardrobe. One was a dress that my great grandmother Mabel was photographed in. Here is her photograph next to mine. I hope she doesn't mind that I traded in her brooch and pearls for some purple polka-dot tights. I'd like to think that she would get a kick out of it.

Check in tomorrow for the second look, and more pix from the photoshoot.

On the lookout

Just got an email yesterday from a fan in the UK who found this booklet with me on the cover....very's the same photo from this post. Then my cousin sent me a link where I am showing up for Microsoft Vista....small world...glad I got a few eyes looking out...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Condo Adventures Part 2

It's time for the next installment of CONDO ADVENTURES. I just realized I haven't posted on the condo adventures in exactly 1 month. So this might have to be a long part 2.

We have a closing date! February 21st will be the day that we close on our first condo purchase. This timing is perfect because it will give us a week to transition out of our current apartment (as we told our landlady we would leave Feb. 28th). We plan on doing some painting, installing the miscellaneous STUFF, and having a few people stay over while they visit.

This whole condo-purchasing thing, at least in Long Island City, is crazy. When we were deciding which unit to make an offer on, it was between two different units. We finally made our decision, they accepted our offer, we made our deposit, and then waited to hear more. In the meantime we were checking the website to make sure our unit had the CONTRACT OUT logo and then the CONTRACT SOLD logo. As a result, we were watching all the other units, including our second choice. 2 weeks after our Contract was sold, they raised the price of that unit quite a lot. I can't believe that this is ok....but I guess it is. If we had acted just a few weeks later, we probably would have lost the chance to own in this building. And I thought it was a buyers market!

Our new place, though more spacious than our last, actually has less closet space. And if there is one thing New Yorkers are short on in general, it is beloved closet space. I knew a family that didn't even have closets...Our current apartment has 3 full reach-ins and a narrow (but spacious) linen closet. Our new place has that same narrow closet, 1 reach-in and 1 walk-in. The reach-in is smaller than our current reach-ins. This presents a challenge because our closets are FULL.

The positive thing is that the closets in our new place are completely bare...not even a ROD. As a result we are forced to design our closets...which leads me to the main thrust of this post...


Yesterday I got a babysitter and spent two hours at the Container Store. I wanted to design and purchase our closets before the 30% off elfa sale was over. Joshua and I stood at his design computer and designed my dream closets. We started with the teeny tiny front closet, then went to the girls room reach-in closet, and finished with our walk-in closet. We actually designed an office space too, but for now I would just like to focus on the closets.

Here is a birds eye view of our walk in closet. Since the closet door goes IN, we lose an entire wall of space. I am going to see about changing that...but for now, we have designed the closet space around it.

The back wall is designated for my husband's stuff. The interior of this closet is walnut and platinum, kind of like what is pictured here, with mesh baskets. Joshua really wanted my husband to have a gliding shelf, so I got one of the last ones, because they are being discontinued. Here is his layout:

My wall is to the left, and of course has the same walnut and platinum. I will also make use of a mesh shoe rack that will be on the back side of the door. Here is the layout for my portion:

The girls room is a reach-in closet. We chose white for theirs since most of their room will have white furniture (dresser, beds), and we have designed it to be symmetrical so that when they start caring about things being fair, this closet will be fair. Here is the layout:

Designing these was quite a HIGH. I started thinking that maybe, just MAYBE we will be able to find a place for everything. I still have a challenge with bathroom/linen stuff, but I think there is JUST the spot in our new condo to put an armoire of some sort...kind of a portable closet.

Here is the link for my past condo adventure post, if you missed it:
Condo Adventures Part 1

Monday, January 29, 2007

Laudate Dominum

I just received the audio recording from the Young Naperville Singers concert in the mail. Click here (and scroll down) to listen to the piece that I sang with them. For one try in a live concert, I am pretty happy with the outcome. It is Laudate Dominum by your friend and mine, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She noticed that every few hours her baby would stop what she was doing and try to push. A few times she rushed her to the toilet, because she is working on pre-potty training. Plus, since the baby was obviously having a hard time getting her poop-swerve on, she thought sitting might help...gravity and all.

After a few unsuccessful poops in the potty, but one sort of successful pee, she decided to just let her be. The day went on, and nothing but a few streak marks in the baby's diaper.

Finally it was time for her to bathe baby. She knows better then to put her in the bathtub when there is an impending poop, so the baby got to take a shower with big sister. And then it happened, that voice that is so often heard during the tubby: "Mom, the baby's pooping!" She came running and was greeted with a stunned baby and a hard as a rock, big as a medium grade egg in the shower. She picked it up swiftly (with a kleenex) and deposited it into the toilet. Then she removed the baby so that she could inspect her...upon inspection she found another rotten egg on the bathroom floor.

The kids finished their shower, and she felt happy that the baby had finally passed what had to have been quite painful smelly eggs. She went through the routine of drying, lotion, hair combing, pajamas, and looked forward to the last few moments of the day before the children go to bed. She began straightening up the house, and that is the last thing she remembers before hopping on one foot and holding out one hand, trying to get to the bathroom to wash her tainted appendages.

The trauma has caused her memory to fade (could it be a case of post-traumatic stress disorder?), but somehow she managed to find a few other quail-size eggs somewhere. She stepped on one with her right foot, and got another smooshed on her right hand. It was cold, mushy, smelly and an all around unpleasant experience. She has no idea where they came from or how, but she does know where they ended up, and she is now very grateful for diapers and toilets.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nick Jr. February

To the left is the photo that is on page 14 of Nick Jr. Magazine this month. It's cute. I feel that we are both a little squinty...but that shoot was pretty difficult so I am just glad they got a decent picture. I was supposed to engage her in the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Since she wasn't really into it, we resorted to some other songs that also displayed fine motor skills. There was another baby booked as well, but I don't think we got one frame on her, she was totally UNinterested.

Here is a polaroid from the shoot. I always love keeping the polaroids...they make a nice collection. This one I like because it looks like I am playing the baby like a bongo drum. I think this was the "down came the rain" part.

I think this was the baby's last job. She doesn't book as frequently as she did year 1, and I am ok with that because she is a curious little monster who isn't all that interested in being photographed.

She will have to suck it up on Saturday however, because the three of us are testing with a wild and crazy photographer. I am pretty excited about it...more on that later.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yesterday I had two go-sees. Since they were relatively close in time and distance, and just print castings, I thought it would be nice to take the munchkin with me. She really does love holding hands and walking when we go to the city, so I thought I would save my babysitting money for a time when it was more important that I go solo. Yesterday morning I was thinking: "It's been a few weeks since I worked out, I really need to do that. Well, not today b/c bringing the babe to the city IS a workout."

Boy was I right. We waited for the bus, hopped on the train, switched trains, and by the time we were on our way into the city, I noticed that she was sitting SO nicely. She is usually so wiggly and hard to wrangle on the subway (thus the workout). I decided she must be growing up (finally). Then I noticed the breathing and realized she was asleep!

Oh no. I did NOT have the stroller, she wasn't supposed to fall asleep, she was supposed to walk with me, holding my hand. The next four stops I spent organizing: hat on, gloves on, coat pulled down (that was a lady riding the train's idea), my hat on, sippy cup stored, purse on left shoulder, and pick up child. At my stop I walked up the stairs and then four blocks, and two burning biceps later, I had arrived at the casting.

I laid baby down and was in and out. We then had 40 minutes until I had to be at the next casting. I wanted to just jump in a cab and go, but I had 1, count it, 1 dollar. So instead I let her sleep until the last possible second, and dreaded the bicep burn once more. On my way out I rode in the elevator with another Runway Mom, Annette, and was jealous to see she did NOT have her baby with her. Luckily the babe woke up as soon as I left the building, and was my little walking trooper again. By that time I was running late, so I stopped by an ATM and we took a cab anyway.

The only other trouble she caused was at au bon pain. On our way out from eating lunch she snagged a cookie that was the size of her head and took a bite out of it before I realized....$1.19 and I think about 1 1/2 hours later holding it tight in her hand, (only eating a fourth of it), we were home, safe and sound.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Drowsy Weekend

When I first heard the title of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE I had no interest in pursuing it further. Funny thing, the inside of the cd basically says the same thing. A potential producer did not pick it up to read it for over a year simply because of the terrible title. I thought the title stunk pretty bad too.

Then I went to see it. I went because my manager is trying to get me an audition for the show, and it's a good idea to have an idea of what you are auditioning for. She got me a ticket for Friday night. She has two clients in the show. They happen to be brothers, and also play brothers, the Tall brothers to be exact. They are short and totally polished and brilliant. Their names are Garth and Jason Kravitz. You might recognize Jason from his role on "The Practice".

What a gem of musical theatre. It takes place in a new york apartment. A sad man plays his favorite recording of the 1920's musical The Drowsy Chaperone to cheer himself up, and the entire show is played in his one room apartment. There is so much more to say, but I don't want to ruin it. If you get a chance--GO SEE IT. It will make you smile.

After the show I had a nice chat with Jason. He was so nice, open and generous and of course like all parents do, we talked mostly of our children, who happen to be of a similar age. Raising kids in the city is always a hot topic for me, and so it was nice to hear his take on it.

I don't know if I'll get the audition, but I would sure be grateful if I did, and it would be an amazing show to be a part go see it.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Go Bears!

I remember growing up and having the Bears posters in our classrooms: Jim Macmahon and the FRIDGE. So, I am pretty excited for the Bears going to the Superbowl. I changed my weemee below to reflect that excitement.

Friday, January 19, 2007


My friend MaryAnne is having a party. She is inviting some couples that she doesn't know THAT well, but wants to get to know them better. To tell you the truth, I don't know them that well either, but I am better at names than her. This is how our conversation went last night:

MA: Hey, what's Brittnye's husband's name?
K: I think, Brian.
MA: Okay, how about Sandy's?
K: Brian.
MA: Stop.
K: No seriously, I am sure that Sandy's is Brian, Brittnye's might be Matt or Mike or something.
MA: Okay, Kaylee's?
K: Ryan.
MA: Shut up.
K: I swear it's Ryan.
MA: And Alyssa?
K: Bryan. It's totally Bryan, I know Brian, Ryan and Bryan for sure, I am just not sure about the first Brian.
MA: Ok last one. Bridget's?
K: Brian. No I'm kidding, I really don't know. I think Michael or Matt. Basically if you choose Brian/Ryan or an M name you are good to go...hey you could call the party: BYOB Bring your own Brian.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She loves a good self-help book. She hasn't read THAT many, but she never regrets it when she does. The self-help book of the hour is How we Choose to be Happy. Her mom gave it to her after she announced that one of her goals for 2007 was to find mental health. Ha!

She has been reading now for a few weeks, and ever since she finished the intention chapter, her eye has stopped twitching. A quote from the book that really resonated with her:

"But whether we're aware of them or not, our intentions are driving the show. Minute by minute, they are the internal messages we give ourselves that dictate what we say, how we say it, and how we see things. This is why the happiest people in the world consciously set their intention before each event of the day. They understand that they have the POWER TO CHOOSE a focus for each experience. And what they focus on is happiness."

It is because of this quote that she turned going up the slowest and most crowded elevator in the city with her two little ones, into an opportunity to imagine taking a rocketship to the moon. This is why she has had more patience with her kids, because she wants her everyday experiences with them to be happy. She reminds herself: "they are just kids." This is why the audition she had this afternoon was fun, because she decided she had nothing to lose, go in there and play pretend for five minutes. And she left with a feeling that reminded her of when she actually books the job.

This is why the uncomfortable, not-as-happy moments in her life seem even MORE terrible then they were before, because they are not bringing her happiness, even if she intends for them to. In this business, sometimes there is discomfort. Usually the down moments are worth the up moments...but because the down moments cause the eye twitch to temporarily return, she considers their elimination.

She wonders: Would my eye stop twitching if I didn't have to worry about the POSSIBILTY of reading for that soap opera? Would it stop twitching if I eliminated the POSSIBILITY of having a dance audition for the lead role in that broadway show? What if these possibilities become reality...will that make my eye twitch even more? Are these POSSIBLE opportunities bringing me happiness?

And if they are not bringing her happiness, are they really worth it, she wonders. She wonders if life can actually be "happy" all or most of the time. She wonders if there is a book out there called: How we choose to not twitch, or The Twitching Game, or 7-year Twitch.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Headshots

Today I got new headshots taken. I am feeling a bit indifferent to them (which is not at all a reflection on the photographer or my experience today)...I think I am just in a PLACE right now. Thoughts anyone?






Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Today I did a print job for Beechnut. I am really excited about their new campaign. I think it is going to look really great. I was young, organic mom...I think. I wore an anthropologie blouse and sweater (in creamsicle) cute.

I had four different babies to work with today. They were not loving the fact that I had to hold them so close and in some cases invade their personal space by kissing their cheek. I was not the happiest either when I had to hold them all with my left arm...the lesser-toned of the two I've got.

Needless to say, by the end of the day I was sore, and I am certain I will be even MORE sore tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, at the advice of a few "business" peops, I am getting new headshots taken tomorrow. I liked my old headshot, but it is going on 4 years old now. I was told I needed to show more skin, be sexier, and warmer.

On the way home from work, I popped in Old Navy and grabbed four tops (this, this in clarabelle blue, this in bluegrass, and this in navy blue) and purchased them in 5 minutes. I tried them on at home, and the only one that I am a little so-so about is the tuxedo/navy blue one. I think it might just need to be pinned at the waist. I think I chose well. I hope that the decade of experience that I have had with getting these photos taken, I can pick a good top in 5 minutes...we will see tomorrow.

My Family gets home tomorrow. I miss them. It will be nice to have their chaos around me once again.

Check out what I'm selling on EBAY

Baby Einstein

Peanut Shell

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Fun Stuff.

Baby Girl for Talbots

My baby doesn't "work" much anymore...but she did have a job a few months ago that can be seen in this photo. She is the one on the right.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Arizona: A Day in Review

When we planned our trip to Arizona I was hoping for a nice break from the cold weather of NYC. And in Glass Posse style, we brought the cold with us. It was cold in AZ. The lemons had frost on them. Our homemade lemonade needed no refrigeration.

I left on Saturday, and I am back already. I have a job tomorrow so I left my husband and the kids to play. I had a nice time, even though it was brief. My husband's only sibling lives near Phoenix with his family of three kids. They have such a beautiful home and a nice community. I wish I could have explored a bit more.

Now I am home. Gonna settle into the first two hours of 24, which I fell asleep during last night, and I think a coke on ice to top it off. I have an early call tomorrow, so I am going to jet off to do that straightaway.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Freaky Friday

I just realized that I totally missed Third Person Thursday....DRAT! So, instead I will have a Freaky Friday...named simply because it will be a freaky post of utter randomness.

Item #1. Why must the milk go sour? In NYC all bottles of milk have this: EXP Jan. 20th, in NYC Jan. 14th.
My friend and I were discussing this the other day...and I decided it must just take a few extra days to get the milk to NYC or something, and maybe it isn't ideally refrigerated, and it goes sour sooner.

In the past year I feel that 1 of 7 or 8 of my milks either goes bad REALLY quickly or is bad to begin with. This morning it was, and so now I am hungry b/c my breakfast is a CARNATION INSTANT BREAKFAST.

Item #2. Yesterday was a marathon day. My girls spent the entire afternoon with me going to auditions, and we got home so late, that this morning I discovered that my daughter didn't get her homework done. Whoops. I am also sore in my calves, and I think that was from the 12 flights of stairs that I went DOWN after my last audition because of the long line waiting for the slowest elevator in town (39 W 19th St.)

Item #3. After meeting with a legit agent yesterday, I now have to get new headshots done (I mean, taken, reproduced, on the desk, ready) in 2 weeks. But really I only have one week since I am leaving for Arizone tomorrow. I also have to start taking dance once or twice a week, and beef up my audition book (adding lots of POP songs).

Item #4. I'm going to Arizone tomorrow? You've got to be kidding me...! When am I going to pack? WHAT am I going to pack? What are we even going to do there? I have absolutely NO PLAN. And I am on hold for a job for two of the days I am there, which means I need to have a back up plan in my back pocket.

Item #5. I have a callback today for the Toy Fair job that is 9 days in a row, and after much thought I have decided that it just doesn't make fiscal sense for me to do it. The pay is not the best, so if you subtract my agency fee and babysitting money from it, plus the 7 business days of auditions I will miss out on, I just don't think this job is for me.

Item #6. I have this annoying cold that is like RIGHT in my throat, making it difficult to have a clear sounding speaking voice, and forcing disgusting mucusy coughs all day long.

Item #7. I just read this post back and it seems to have a bit of a negative tone, but I am not feeling that negative, just a little overwhelmed I guess.

Item #8. A producer-type person called yesterday asking if I was available to go to Miami for two days to wrangle for Ralph Lauren. Random. I still don't have the official offer, but Miami sounds good.

Item #9. Condo update. I heard that the temporary occupancy certificate will be issued for our condo in a few weeks, which might mean we are in the place by end of Feb/March. Everything on our end is complete, and our furniture fund is growing, so I might be able to buy one gallon of paint at this point!

Item #10. I am going out to eat tonight with my husband and some friends. We are going to try a restaurant in our new 'hood. It should be fun.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

5 Appointments

It is a rare day when I have five appointments. Here's the rundown:

1. Motorola print go-see...have to dress downtown, artsy NOT AT ALL commercial
2. Legit Agent Appointment. I will be meeting with an agent for tv/film/theatre with a manager I have started to work with. This will require a costume change from the appointment before.

Go pick up the kids.

3. Kmart Commercial Audition. I will keep the outfit from the legit appointment. I will also have my two girls with me.
4. Toy Fair. This is an audition to demonstrate toys at the Mattel Toy Fair for 9 days straight. I have mixed feelings about this job....but I am still going to try hard.
5. Toys R Us. This go-see is for all of us, which is why I am going to pick up the kids in between all of this chaos.

The blessing of this line up (and again, this NEVER happens), is that the first two are on the same street, just 1 block apart...and the last 3 are on streets/blocks that make up a 2 block radius, so all short walking distances. Amazing. And, I JUST found out, my friend N-Dawg is going to tag along for the afternoon with the kids, so that will help IMMENSELY.

Something is BOUND to come of all this right?

If not, I am on hold for Beechnut next week, but 2 of the days are when I am supposed to be in Arizona, so my trip might have to be rearranged a bit.

All of this had to be worked out WHILE I was wrangling kids all day yesterday. I was a little tired last night, just thinking about today, but I have resolved to have an adventurous day and not get stressed out. The devil on my shoulder just uttered: "Good luck with that."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

Today I got a phone call from a new wrangling client, putting me on hold for next week to wrangle. At the same time that I was on the phone with him, a repeat client called to see if I could wrangle tomorrow. It was really strange that they both called at the same time...maybe it was the lunch hour. Anyway, tomorrow I am working.

It will be my first job of the new year, and though I am not totally looking forward to my first day back being a full-day of wrangling infants-8 year olds...I just have to think about our new condo and how I would like to put a few new things in when the going gets tough tomorrow, I am going to have a mantra: furniture, furniture, furniture....or garbage disposal, light fixture, headboard, rugs....the VERY long list of items that I feel I need, but really I just plain want.

It will be nice to have a break from my kids. I love them so, but I have had quite a lot of them lately, including a near miss with a headfirst dive off the bed, followed shortly by a possible incident with a very RED sharpie. Whoosh.

Cleaning House

I have a post up on Tales from the Crib about the literal cleaning of a house. This post has the same title, but is quite different. We are cleaning house in preparation for our move. We still don't have a closing date yet, but now we are getting itchy.

The cleaning has started with getting rid of partially working electronics. I had some success selling a broken digital camera on ebay, so I have listed my broken printer/scanner, DVD player, remote control and other digital camera. I have also listed a pair of puma sneakers for baby, a peanut shell carrier and an xD memory card.

On Craigs List we have listed our air conditioners. I'm getting a few bites, but mostly everybody's interested in the pumas. Of course...they take up the least amount of room.

The other major change we have instituted is a change in our audio department. Currently we have 4 bose speakers, a CD player and Receiver unit. Last night my DH came home and handed me his old ipod, and a brand new set of Bose ipod speakers. Then he pulled out his BRAND NEW ipod, and downloaded Pirates of the Caribbean onto it. That's what you get for saving all your Christmas money. (I, on the other hand was on the internet Christmas DAY spending it all).

Even though I just got a shuffle, it is cool to have my own mini ipod. And it's vintage now right?...b/c they don't make them anymore. So, the next items up for auction will be 4 bose speakers, a CD player and a receiver. DH wanted to take it all apart last night, but I not-so-politely forbid him to, b/c then I have to live with the stack of electronics that baby is not allowed to touch.

It feels good to clean.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Last performance of the season

This morning I had my last performance for the season. I sang just two songs at a Mass at St. Joseph's Catholic Church here in my hometown. My daughter goes to pre-K at the St. Joseph School, so I thought it would be nice to sing at the church.

I haven't been to Catholic Mass in quite a while, and so it was interesting to watch/listen/observe. It was I believe they called it a "high feast" day and also Three Kings Day, so it seems there were a few added rituals to the mass.

I really had to reign in my brain in order to sing, because whenever I am experiencing something new, my mind is wandering and questioning and taking a lot of information in. As a result, I made my first big flub of the season this morning. I sang: "The dead will live again, the lame will leap, la la la la, the praises of the lamb." Luckily I just went on as if those were the intended words to the song: the LA LA LA part of course. My DH said he didn't even notice, but let me just tell you, it was noticable.

The second song went just fine, and several people from the congregation thanked me for the music. The church was decorated so beautifully, with poinsettias, trees, wreaths and garland. I didn't realize that the Christmas celebration lasts past Christmas for the church. This (to me) explains why many people around here leave their Christmas decorations up for usually most of the month of least that's the only reason I can think of. Mine are down by New Years Day for sure.

I felt content and satisfied today, upon completion of my "holiday tour" 2006, and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to next year.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

One Good Deed

I did one good deed this past Christmas season. I made a scarf for my BFF's Love Scarf Project. I actually have another one almost done, but Christmas hit, and then the new year, and then the condo, and then the new years resolutions, and the exercise and the excuses. So, I will try to finish it so that I can be the first one completed for 2007.

Here's the thing about Carrie (the starter of this project). It is going to succeed. It is going to succeed in a wild, wild way. People all over the country are going to be knitting for her, and in 5 years time, she will have like a gajillion scarves to donate.

We are going to help her. Everybody who is reading this blog will know about this, pass on the word, and get knitting. I always love a good competition...we will count the donatios from the glass posse blog, and donate the most.'s so not about that, but I would like to spread the word and help.

So if you can knit, or know someone who can, just pass on the link to this post or to the website. Go to your local knitting stores and buy all the clearance yarn...there are a few guidelines to look over first, but it is really doable.

And don't worry, I will remind you about this periodically, so that you don't forget.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Catwalk Moms?

I got a "fan" email from a gal in the UK this morning. She had seen what she called Catwalk Moms and felt a connection with my story. I will really have a good chuckle (in my head) if it is really renamed Catwalk moms (as opposed to Runway Moms) over there. I am looking into it.

For once it was not an email asking about my hair. My husband was surprised, but I told him that they have the hair thing going ON in Europe...they don't need to ask us Americans about that. In fact, a few times I have been asked if I am from Europe, because of my hair-do.

On a side note, I have decided to grow out my hair. I may need to poll ya'll about this to see if it is a good idea. It has been my "look" for so long...I will work on a poll soon.

Anyway, thanks Anne for making my day today, and I would also like to give a shout out to your little one, Ben (I LOVE THAT NAME).

If you haven't seen it yet, it will air on Discovery Health Channel:
January 10th @ 4 PM EST
January 17th @ 12:30 PM EST
January 30th @ 4:30 PM EST

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Parents Magazine

I knew back in May when we shot this that we were doing a cover try, but I completely wrote it off. My friend Heather wrote me today, otherwise I would have never known about this. Isn't it so cute? I REALLY love it. It's def. in my top 5 of fave jobs.

This is the same day that the bike photo was taken. We had another job that afternoon, and that night I was in the ER with labored breathing and a really sore rib. I thought I had cracked it from coughing so much from my allergies...turns out I had just strained a ligament or something, and I had bronchitis....this pose was PAINFUL to say the least...

The baby looks like a she looks a lot more like a how time flies. She is wearing her own two shirts, socks and shoes...they gave her the pants. I am wearing very tight pants that I would probably rip if I had to run away from a predator or REALLY ride a bike.

Third Person Thursday

December 26th, 2006. She had eaten so much food the past day, okay 2-4 (or more) days, that she just HAD to work out. She, and her husband and mother all woke up early to go to the YMCA fieldhouse down the street. They entered to a quiet group of regulars who let the two additions in to workout at no charge. Well, Merry Christmas to her!

Her mom went straight to the track, as she usually does, and she went downstairs to a tiny fitness room with her husband. They each picked a machine to workout on. A few minutes into her workout she realized that her top was on backwards. She noticed this because the tag was really bothering the front of her neck. Coincidentally, the moment she realized this, she also observed that the only other person working out in the fitness room was her husband.

She pulled her arms out of the arm holes, struggled to loop her shirt around to the back, while still being modest. Since there was no one else around, she lifted her sportsbra-included exercise tank up to her neck, slid it to the correct side, and then slid it down again, putting her arms back through the arm holes. Ah, much more comfortable, and just a minor flash that I am sure the treadmill enjoyed, as her husband was behind her, and could not have taken a peek.

She finished her workout, and went home to eat some more.

Two days later (she skipped exercising on the 27th, even though her husband and mom still went), she went back to the fieldhouse. As soon as she walked in she saw the monitor prominently displayed for all the workers and regulars to see. It was a video of the fitness room, and the first row of treadmills was right front and center, where she had been exercising while fixing her shirt two days before. She could not even look at anyone standing around there, for fear they had taken part in the peep show.

The only thought that made her feel better about the whole thing was that they never charged her for her workout.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yoga anyone?

The only job I have done that is sorta kinda close to being YOGA was this one to the right for Belly Basics....back when I was preggers. I did do an awesome cheerleader pose in this outfit....extending my leg in the air and holding the inside of my foot...but that's not the best pose for showing off yoga sweatsuits....and it might make the other pregnant girls a little angry about my flexibility! tee hee.

Anyway, yoga is on the brain because A. I need to do it and B. I have a go-see tomorrow and Thursday that are both specifically requiring me to wear YOGA-wear. And the bizarre thing is that they are for Disney and Beechnut. Random.

So, I am back at it again. It is a good feeling. I am happy to go out and go-see with the kids in tow because we are having nice weather, and I need jobs since I am going to be incurring quite a bit of debt soon.

Tonight was mani/pedi night. I have to do it myself because I am prone to toenail fungus...every time I go to the salon I have white flaky fungus on top of my nails a week later. It's so great (sarcasm), so I have to do it myself. It's good though...a skill that may come in handy one never know.

Laundry Cart

Today is contract day. The day we give away our hard-earned money to a lawyer who sees this kind of money every day. It's our little nest egg that we have groomed and grown and fluffed and it is finally leaving it's nest (ameritrade account), so that we can make a nest of our own.

Though I love this photo of a typical laundry Friday with my girls, I hope that it is a distant memory very soon. Our new condo is equipped with a washer and dryer. Hazzah!

Being first-time condo-owners, my dh and I are still like: EEEEEEEEK about the whole thing...but today when I got on the subway, I saw an advertisement for our building on the top ledge where they have advertisements, and I thought....YES!

I also think "YES!", when I wish we had a bathtub, second bathroom, a place to call our own, no cigarette smoke greeting us every time we leave our apartment door, no three flights of stairs, and no more office in our bedroom. It's going to be lovely...stay step: MORTGAGE didn't think Nuvaring was THAT good of a job did you?

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Goals

There are so many they will bore you, really...but here is a little bit about goals this year.

I was feeling so down last week after the upper of Christmas...and then I started to think about how blessed I am to have all this time on the earth to be with my family and my children. I decided to try to live my life to the fullest, as if this was my last year on earth to live. I don't view it as a morbid thing, it just changes the worth of a day, a week, a month and a year. It makes it more valuable and more important. If I can trick myself into this perspective, then the rest of my days will be really grand. I know this is totally optimistic, but it is helping me to get motivated for 2007.

I made goals under the following categories: Personal, Career, Service and Family. As I already stated, many will bore you, so I will just share the highlights:

I want to be nicer/kinder, especially to my family. When I get stressed out, they end up getting the brunt of it. I will be all polite and nice to the grocery clerk, and then come home and "throw up" on my husband. It's not fair. I would like to change this.

I would like to schedule some more appearances for December in hopefully Washington DC and California and Utah. I plan on starting to work on this in February...right around the corner.

I would also like to get a legit agent in time for Pilot Season, but since that is also right around the corner, I might need to shift this goal to the middle of the year when I start submitting my resume for NEXT year's pilot season.

I really enjoyed Mt. Sinai Idol last year. It would be nice to do another round of that, and possibly extend my service there to include some storybook readings etc.

I would like to start researching how I might start a theatre organization for children in my area (the area I will be moving some time soon this year), and perhaps partner with a local theatre group there...this idea has kept me up the past few nights...need to look into it.

Daughters are always on the list. I am always looking for ways to build our relationships. They are getting older now so this is more rewarding and interesting. I want to research ways in which a 2 and 5 year old can serve, and hopefully we can all do that together.

Summer. This season was my downer last year so I want to be prepared this year. I am going to research all the free/inexpensive stuff: free movies, beaches, museums, theatre, zoos, parks, county fairs, berry picking, pools, etc. and have stuff ON the calender so that I don't go crazy, and they get their energy out.

LIMIT computer time. This is going to be hard for me. I need to figure out a good way to do it. I am a little bit addicted when I have a day at home...

So..those are some highlights. There are many more...I will not reach them all, but setting goals is also sort of the way I begin to organize my year, and it helps me to get everything in that I want to get in...otherwise time, Oprah, agents and the web steal it away from me!

Happy New Year!