Thursday, January 11, 2007

5 Appointments

It is a rare day when I have five appointments. Here's the rundown:

1. Motorola print go-see...have to dress downtown, artsy NOT AT ALL commercial
2. Legit Agent Appointment. I will be meeting with an agent for tv/film/theatre with a manager I have started to work with. This will require a costume change from the appointment before.

Go pick up the kids.

3. Kmart Commercial Audition. I will keep the outfit from the legit appointment. I will also have my two girls with me.
4. Toy Fair. This is an audition to demonstrate toys at the Mattel Toy Fair for 9 days straight. I have mixed feelings about this job....but I am still going to try hard.
5. Toys R Us. This go-see is for all of us, which is why I am going to pick up the kids in between all of this chaos.

The blessing of this line up (and again, this NEVER happens), is that the first two are on the same street, just 1 block apart...and the last 3 are on streets/blocks that make up a 2 block radius, so all short walking distances. Amazing. And, I JUST found out, my friend N-Dawg is going to tag along for the afternoon with the kids, so that will help IMMENSELY.

Something is BOUND to come of all this right?

If not, I am on hold for Beechnut next week, but 2 of the days are when I am supposed to be in Arizona, so my trip might have to be rearranged a bit.

All of this had to be worked out WHILE I was wrangling kids all day yesterday. I was a little tired last night, just thinking about today, but I have resolved to have an adventurous day and not get stressed out. The devil on my shoulder just uttered: "Good luck with that."


tracy m said...

I'm a little tired and stressed just reading your schedule... yikes, but break a leg anyway~!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kage!
Love reading your blog! Today I noticed your Flikr link and saw your Christmas pictures; your makeup in the pic of you and the lady at the prayer breakfast is so great! What lipstick/gloss were you wearing (if you remember)? It's such a pretty color! And I hope your busy day went well! God Bless =)

Kage said...

It was probably VIVA GLAM V lipglass from MAC. with SPICE lip liner underneath. If it wasn't that gloss than it was C-Thru lipgloss, also from MAC. Hope that helps.