Monday, January 15, 2007

Arizona: A Day in Review

When we planned our trip to Arizona I was hoping for a nice break from the cold weather of NYC. And in Glass Posse style, we brought the cold with us. It was cold in AZ. The lemons had frost on them. Our homemade lemonade needed no refrigeration.

I left on Saturday, and I am back already. I have a job tomorrow so I left my husband and the kids to play. I had a nice time, even though it was brief. My husband's only sibling lives near Phoenix with his family of three kids. They have such a beautiful home and a nice community. I wish I could have explored a bit more.

Now I am home. Gonna settle into the first two hours of 24, which I fell asleep during last night, and I think a coke on ice to top it off. I have an early call tomorrow, so I am going to jet off to do that straightaway.


Anonymous said...

I heard a story on npr today about the frozen citrus crop they are having in the west. Such a shame to not have toasty weather while you were there!!

wendysue said...

My Dad emailed from Tucson, saying there was a "frost warning" and people were driving S. . .L. . .O. . .W because there was actual frost on the lawns.

I told him he better get out his long johns!!

We were sitting at -9 with the windchill last night!

p.s That is SO S's little boy! Cute!