Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cleaning House

I have a post up on Tales from the Crib about the literal cleaning of a house. This post has the same title, but is quite different. We are cleaning house in preparation for our move. We still don't have a closing date yet, but now we are getting itchy.

The cleaning has started with getting rid of partially working electronics. I had some success selling a broken digital camera on ebay, so I have listed my broken printer/scanner, DVD player, remote control and other digital camera. I have also listed a pair of puma sneakers for baby, a peanut shell carrier and an xD memory card.

On Craigs List we have listed our air conditioners. I'm getting a few bites, but mostly everybody's interested in the pumas. Of course...they take up the least amount of room.

The other major change we have instituted is a change in our audio department. Currently we have 4 bose speakers, a CD player and Receiver unit. Last night my DH came home and handed me his old ipod, and a brand new set of Bose ipod speakers. Then he pulled out his BRAND NEW ipod, and downloaded Pirates of the Caribbean onto it. That's what you get for saving all your Christmas money. (I, on the other hand was on the internet Christmas DAY spending it all).

Even though I just got a shuffle, it is cool to have my own mini ipod. And it's vintage now right?...b/c they don't make them anymore. So, the next items up for auction will be 4 bose speakers, a CD player and a receiver. DH wanted to take it all apart last night, but I not-so-politely forbid him to, b/c then I have to live with the stack of electronics that baby is not allowed to touch.

It feels good to clean.

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Anonymous said...

I agree - it feels GREAT to clean. Clint and I are doing a major purge as well - mostly clothes and toys. I love when the Value Village will come right to my door and whisk it all away :)