Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Condo Adventures Part 2

It's time for the next installment of CONDO ADVENTURES. I just realized I haven't posted on the condo adventures in exactly 1 month. So this might have to be a long part 2.

We have a closing date! February 21st will be the day that we close on our first condo purchase. This timing is perfect because it will give us a week to transition out of our current apartment (as we told our landlady we would leave Feb. 28th). We plan on doing some painting, installing the miscellaneous STUFF, and having a few people stay over while they visit.

This whole condo-purchasing thing, at least in Long Island City, is crazy. When we were deciding which unit to make an offer on, it was between two different units. We finally made our decision, they accepted our offer, we made our deposit, and then waited to hear more. In the meantime we were checking the website to make sure our unit had the CONTRACT OUT logo and then the CONTRACT SOLD logo. As a result, we were watching all the other units, including our second choice. 2 weeks after our Contract was sold, they raised the price of that unit quite a lot. I can't believe that this is ok....but I guess it is. If we had acted just a few weeks later, we probably would have lost the chance to own in this building. And I thought it was a buyers market!

Our new place, though more spacious than our last, actually has less closet space. And if there is one thing New Yorkers are short on in general, it is beloved closet space. I knew a family that didn't even have closets...Our current apartment has 3 full reach-ins and a narrow (but spacious) linen closet. Our new place has that same narrow closet, 1 reach-in and 1 walk-in. The reach-in is smaller than our current reach-ins. This presents a challenge because our closets are FULL.

The positive thing is that the closets in our new place are completely bare...not even a ROD. As a result we are forced to design our closets...which leads me to the main thrust of this post...


Yesterday I got a babysitter and spent two hours at the Container Store. I wanted to design and purchase our closets before the 30% off elfa sale was over. Joshua and I stood at his design computer and designed my dream closets. We started with the teeny tiny front closet, then went to the girls room reach-in closet, and finished with our walk-in closet. We actually designed an office space too, but for now I would just like to focus on the closets.

Here is a birds eye view of our walk in closet. Since the closet door goes IN, we lose an entire wall of space. I am going to see about changing that...but for now, we have designed the closet space around it.

The back wall is designated for my husband's stuff. The interior of this closet is walnut and platinum, kind of like what is pictured here, with mesh baskets. Joshua really wanted my husband to have a gliding shelf, so I got one of the last ones, because they are being discontinued. Here is his layout:

My wall is to the left, and of course has the same walnut and platinum. I will also make use of a mesh shoe rack that will be on the back side of the door. Here is the layout for my portion:

The girls room is a reach-in closet. We chose white for theirs since most of their room will have white furniture (dresser, beds), and we have designed it to be symmetrical so that when they start caring about things being fair, this closet will be fair. Here is the layout:

Designing these was quite a HIGH. I started thinking that maybe, just MAYBE we will be able to find a place for everything. I still have a challenge with bathroom/linen stuff, but I think there is JUST the spot in our new condo to put an armoire of some sort...kind of a portable closet.

Here is the link for my past condo adventure post, if you missed it:
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Linzerdoodle said...
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Linzerdoodle said...

the designs look fantastic!

Bek said...

That looks great!! And for the things that you can't fit in.....that is what IKEA is for, right?