Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Laundry Cart

Today is contract day. The day we give away our hard-earned money to a lawyer who sees this kind of money every day. It's our little nest egg that we have groomed and grown and fluffed and it is finally leaving it's nest (ameritrade account), so that we can make a nest of our own.

Though I love this photo of a typical laundry Friday with my girls, I hope that it is a distant memory very soon. Our new condo is equipped with a washer and dryer. Hazzah!

Being first-time condo-owners, my dh and I are still like: EEEEEEEEK about the whole thing...but today when I got on the subway, I saw an advertisement for our building on the top ledge where they have advertisements, and I thought....YES!

I also think "YES!", when I wish we had a bathtub, second bathroom, a place to call our own, no cigarette smoke greeting us every time we leave our apartment door, no three flights of stairs, and no more office in our bedroom. It's going to be lovely...stay tuned...next step: MORTGAGE APPROVED...you didn't think Nuvaring was THAT good of a job did you?

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tracy m said...

Hey, congratulations on the big decision!

And for as much as they play that Nuvaring commercial, they shoulda bought you a house!