Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nick Jr. February

To the left is the photo that is on page 14 of Nick Jr. Magazine this month. It's cute. I feel that we are both a little squinty...but that shoot was pretty difficult so I am just glad they got a decent picture. I was supposed to engage her in the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Since she wasn't really into it, we resorted to some other songs that also displayed fine motor skills. There was another baby booked as well, but I don't think we got one frame on her, she was totally UNinterested.

Here is a polaroid from the shoot. I always love keeping the polaroids...they make a nice collection. This one I like because it looks like I am playing the baby like a bongo drum. I think this was the "down came the rain" part.

I think this was the baby's last job. She doesn't book as frequently as she did year 1, and I am ok with that because she is a curious little monster who isn't all that interested in being photographed.

She will have to suck it up on Saturday however, because the three of us are testing with a wild and crazy photographer. I am pretty excited about it...more on that later.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that picture is too squinty - I really like it! The lighting is great.