Saturday, January 06, 2007

One Good Deed

I did one good deed this past Christmas season. I made a scarf for my BFF's Love Scarf Project. I actually have another one almost done, but Christmas hit, and then the new year, and then the condo, and then the new years resolutions, and the exercise and the excuses. So, I will try to finish it so that I can be the first one completed for 2007.

Here's the thing about Carrie (the starter of this project). It is going to succeed. It is going to succeed in a wild, wild way. People all over the country are going to be knitting for her, and in 5 years time, she will have like a gajillion scarves to donate.

We are going to help her. Everybody who is reading this blog will know about this, pass on the word, and get knitting. I always love a good competition...we will count the donatios from the glass posse blog, and donate the most.'s so not about that, but I would like to spread the word and help.

So if you can knit, or know someone who can, just pass on the link to this post or to the website. Go to your local knitting stores and buy all the clearance yarn...there are a few guidelines to look over first, but it is really doable.

And don't worry, I will remind you about this periodically, so that you don't forget.

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, I love it! Thanks for the info about the Love Scarf Project, I will make one for sure!