Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photography by Michael Wood

This past weekend the girls and I had a photoshoot with Michael Wood. We met on the set of Queen of Babble, (a book cover), last year, and he offered to test with us. I took a look at his work, and decided that, (based on his photographs), we could probably be a little less commercial than we normally are.

He sent me some examples of makeup he wanted, and I was then inspired to pick two vintage dresses for my wardrobe. One was a dress that my great grandmother Mabel was photographed in. Here is her photograph next to mine. I hope she doesn't mind that I traded in her brooch and pearls for some purple polka-dot tights. I'd like to think that she would get a kick out of it.

Check in tomorrow for the second look, and more pix from the photoshoot.

1 comment:

Bek said...

Those are amazing!! You are one busy mamma!!

I see you every day in your commercial and currently you are mocking me from the cover of Parent's magazine... I need to finish my work before I can read it... :-). We have never met, but I currently see you more than any of my sisters or husband! Funny huh? Good luck with the is nice to be almost there, huh?