Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Today I did a print job for Beechnut. I am really excited about their new campaign. I think it is going to look really great. I was young, organic mom...I think. I wore an anthropologie blouse and sweater (in creamsicle)...so cute.

I had four different babies to work with today. They were not loving the fact that I had to hold them so close and in some cases invade their personal space by kissing their cheek. I was not the happiest either when I had to hold them all with my left arm...the lesser-toned of the two I've got.

Needless to say, by the end of the day I was sore, and I am certain I will be even MORE sore tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, at the advice of a few "business" peops, I am getting new headshots taken tomorrow. I liked my old headshot, but it is going on 4 years old now. I was told I needed to show more skin, be sexier, and warmer.

On the way home from work, I popped in Old Navy and grabbed four tops (this, this in clarabelle blue, this in bluegrass, and this in navy blue) and purchased them in 5 minutes. I tried them on at home, and the only one that I am a little so-so about is the tuxedo/navy blue one. I think it might just need to be pinned at the waist. I think I chose well. I hope that the decade of experience that I have had with getting these photos taken, I can pick a good top in 5 minutes...we will see tomorrow.

My Family gets home tomorrow. I miss them. It will be nice to have their chaos around me once again.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with new photos! I want to get some new ones too, just for fun actually. I really like the tuxedo one. The detail is nice. Are you using the same photgrapher as your other headshot?

Kage said...

Nope, different guy.

tracy m said...

I'm standing in line at the grocery store last night, and glance over at the magazines, a low and behold- there you and baby O are on the cover of Parenting! Cool! I bought it. You both look so cute.