Thursday, January 04, 2007

Third Person Thursday

December 26th, 2006. She had eaten so much food the past day, okay 2-4 (or more) days, that she just HAD to work out. She, and her husband and mother all woke up early to go to the YMCA fieldhouse down the street. They entered to a quiet group of regulars who let the two additions in to workout at no charge. Well, Merry Christmas to her!

Her mom went straight to the track, as she usually does, and she went downstairs to a tiny fitness room with her husband. They each picked a machine to workout on. A few minutes into her workout she realized that her top was on backwards. She noticed this because the tag was really bothering the front of her neck. Coincidentally, the moment she realized this, she also observed that the only other person working out in the fitness room was her husband.

She pulled her arms out of the arm holes, struggled to loop her shirt around to the back, while still being modest. Since there was no one else around, she lifted her sportsbra-included exercise tank up to her neck, slid it to the correct side, and then slid it down again, putting her arms back through the arm holes. Ah, much more comfortable, and just a minor flash that I am sure the treadmill enjoyed, as her husband was behind her, and could not have taken a peek.

She finished her workout, and went home to eat some more.

Two days later (she skipped exercising on the 27th, even though her husband and mom still went), she went back to the fieldhouse. As soon as she walked in she saw the monitor prominently displayed for all the workers and regulars to see. It was a video of the fitness room, and the first row of treadmills was right front and center, where she had been exercising while fixing her shirt two days before. She could not even look at anyone standing around there, for fear they had taken part in the peep show.

The only thought that made her feel better about the whole thing was that they never charged her for her workout.


Allyson said...

Did any of the front desk staff seem particularly excited to see you again?

Anonymous said...


chloe said...

He he he! That's really funny...

Linzerdoodle said...

That wouldn't be the first peep show you gave over Christmas! Hilarious, I didn't know that had happened at the Y. I'm a big fan of the tagless shirts!