Thursday, January 18, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She loves a good self-help book. She hasn't read THAT many, but she never regrets it when she does. The self-help book of the hour is How we Choose to be Happy. Her mom gave it to her after she announced that one of her goals for 2007 was to find mental health. Ha!

She has been reading now for a few weeks, and ever since she finished the intention chapter, her eye has stopped twitching. A quote from the book that really resonated with her:

"But whether we're aware of them or not, our intentions are driving the show. Minute by minute, they are the internal messages we give ourselves that dictate what we say, how we say it, and how we see things. This is why the happiest people in the world consciously set their intention before each event of the day. They understand that they have the POWER TO CHOOSE a focus for each experience. And what they focus on is happiness."

It is because of this quote that she turned going up the slowest and most crowded elevator in the city with her two little ones, into an opportunity to imagine taking a rocketship to the moon. This is why she has had more patience with her kids, because she wants her everyday experiences with them to be happy. She reminds herself: "they are just kids." This is why the audition she had this afternoon was fun, because she decided she had nothing to lose, go in there and play pretend for five minutes. And she left with a feeling that reminded her of when she actually books the job.

This is why the uncomfortable, not-as-happy moments in her life seem even MORE terrible then they were before, because they are not bringing her happiness, even if she intends for them to. In this business, sometimes there is discomfort. Usually the down moments are worth the up moments...but because the down moments cause the eye twitch to temporarily return, she considers their elimination.

She wonders: Would my eye stop twitching if I didn't have to worry about the POSSIBILTY of reading for that soap opera? Would it stop twitching if I eliminated the POSSIBILITY of having a dance audition for the lead role in that broadway show? What if these possibilities become reality...will that make my eye twitch even more? Are these POSSIBLE opportunities bringing me happiness?

And if they are not bringing her happiness, are they really worth it, she wonders. She wonders if life can actually be "happy" all or most of the time. She wonders if there is a book out there called: How we choose to not twitch, or The Twitching Game, or 7-year Twitch.


TftCarrie said...

I recently read in another book that the obsession in our day and age with "self-help" and "finding happiness" has made millions think there's something fundamentally wrong if you don't feel good, as opposed to just, 'I don't feel good now but I will later.' " I thought it was a very interesting point. Every person's life is filled with moments of unhappiness. It's okay to have bad days. If you tried to take away everything that could eventually make you unhappy, there would be nothing left to be happy about.

Now if your bad days are turning into bad weeks, bad months, and bad years, you might need to change some things or take some time to make sure everything is viewed in the proper perspective.

I guess I don't mean you. I mean us, or Her, or whoever.

Kage said...

of course there is opposition in all things, but since I am actively trying this, it makes the unhappy moments a little more irritating, and I have to ask....can I change this...or should it just BE?

TftCarrie said...

I guess what I was trying to say is that if they are truly just unhappy moments, then you should probably let them be. But if all the unhappy moments are causing you have unhappy weeks and months, then you should think about making a change.