Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yesterday I had two go-sees. Since they were relatively close in time and distance, and just print castings, I thought it would be nice to take the munchkin with me. She really does love holding hands and walking when we go to the city, so I thought I would save my babysitting money for a time when it was more important that I go solo. Yesterday morning I was thinking: "It's been a few weeks since I worked out, I really need to do that. Well, not today b/c bringing the babe to the city IS a workout."

Boy was I right. We waited for the bus, hopped on the train, switched trains, and by the time we were on our way into the city, I noticed that she was sitting SO nicely. She is usually so wiggly and hard to wrangle on the subway (thus the workout). I decided she must be growing up (finally). Then I noticed the breathing and realized she was asleep!

Oh no. I did NOT have the stroller, she wasn't supposed to fall asleep, she was supposed to walk with me, holding my hand. The next four stops I spent organizing: hat on, gloves on, coat pulled down (that was a lady riding the train's idea), my hat on, sippy cup stored, purse on left shoulder, and pick up child. At my stop I walked up the stairs and then four blocks, and two burning biceps later, I had arrived at the casting.

I laid baby down and was in and out. We then had 40 minutes until I had to be at the next casting. I wanted to just jump in a cab and go, but I had 1, count it, 1 dollar. So instead I let her sleep until the last possible second, and dreaded the bicep burn once more. On my way out I rode in the elevator with another Runway Mom, Annette, and was jealous to see she did NOT have her baby with her. Luckily the babe woke up as soon as I left the building, and was my little walking trooper again. By that time I was running late, so I stopped by an ATM and we took a cab anyway.

The only other trouble she caused was at au bon pain. On our way out from eating lunch she snagged a cookie that was the size of her head and took a bite out of it before I realized....$1.19 and I think about 1 1/2 hours later holding it tight in her hand, (only eating a fourth of it), we were home, safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

That's a workout! I can hold Preston for about ten minutes before my arms are feeling the burn.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog- but I saw this picture of you wearing a gold necklace that has your (I assume) children's names engraved upon a circle- and I wondered if you might be able to tell me where you got it? It is so cute!