Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yoga anyone?

The only job I have done that is sorta kinda close to being YOGA was this one to the right for Belly Basics....back when I was preggers. I did do an awesome cheerleader pose in this outfit....extending my leg in the air and holding the inside of my foot...but that's not the best pose for showing off yoga sweatsuits....and it might make the other pregnant girls a little angry about my flexibility! tee hee.

Anyway, yoga is on the brain because A. I need to do it and B. I have a go-see tomorrow and Thursday that are both specifically requiring me to wear YOGA-wear. And the bizarre thing is that they are for Disney and Beechnut. Random.

So, I am back at it again. It is a good feeling. I am happy to go out and go-see with the kids in tow because we are having nice weather, and I need jobs since I am going to be incurring quite a bit of debt soon.

Tonight was mani/pedi night. I have to do it myself because I am prone to toenail fungus...every time I go to the salon I have white flaky fungus on top of my nails a week later. It's so great (sarcasm), so I have to do it myself. It's good though...a skill that may come in handy one day...you never know.

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Anonymous said...

That's cool for you! I am actually reminded of how perfectly groomed I had to be when I modeled more. I am feeling much too lazy for that right now! Maybe after my NYR of losing a few LBS goes through I'll start to feel more like it... or not! Let me know about your condo! Sounds exciting!