Sunday, February 18, 2007

#3 on the NY Times Bestseller List

Okay it has very little to do with my talents...but I am still getting to ride on the waves of the success of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' new hardcover: NATURAL BORN CHARMER. Check out #3 on the list. As Bernie Mac would say...AMERICA, Happy Reading!...and don't throw the slipcover away!


Samyo said...

That is pretty sweet Kage. I'd say the cover always has some sort, if even a slight amount, affect on someone when they are buying a book. At least it does for me [because I buy and read so many books right?].

Reppin da ville is all I gotta say.

do work!!

Anonymous said...

Kristy is being way too modest. Okay, we cut off her head, but the energy she put into that shoot was incredible. I've just finished my booktour, and booksellers all over the country are in love with that cover. Thanks, Kristy, for a terrific job. Hoping we work together ahead (without the beheading!)

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Kage's Mom said...

I was at Costco the other day and there was the book with Kristy on the cover and so I had to buy it and then I had to tell the cashier that this was my daughter and then she had to hold it up and tell everyone in the line that this was my daughter and they all said, "no way!" and "cool!" and well, it was quite a day at Costco!