Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Condo Adventures: 17 days...

17 days until we move into our new condo. I have gone from being sentimental about moving, to ready to move.

Last week when I was cleaning the house, (before we rearranged our audio/visual set up, sold our bookshelf and coffee table, and packed our books into boxes and stored them in a corner), I thought...this is the last time I will clean our apartment the way we lived in it the past 4+ years. This is the last time I will dust these books, rearrange these curtains etc. etc.

And sure enough, it was the last time, because like I mentioned above, we are purging ourselves of country-style bookshelves, magic-markered coffee tables, McDonalds Happy Meals Toys. We are getting rid of some of our FIRST furniture as a couple...our first dinette set, our first CD player...the list goes on.

It is bittersweet. The bitter part is that I can't EXACTLY afford all the new stuff I am anxious to fill our apartment really the bitter part is that we are moving forward, and we will be leaving many great memories behind in this dwelling that we have called home for a handful of years.

Then, awash with these sentimentalities, I leave my apartment door and choke on the cigarette smoke drifting up from my landlady's apartment, hit my head on the heating pipe that is too low for the doorway into my garage (that doesn't have a light, so it's pitch black until I hit the garage door opener OR the Unlock button on my keyring, that I can never find because it's pitch dark...vicious cycle), grab the stroller before the door slams, and then get stuck on the rug that happens to be the EXACT width of the wheels of my stroller, and I basically stifle curses the entire path out of my apartment and into the -5 degree world....and I think....I will NOT miss THIS.

So...I am looking forward to the change.


Rachel H said...

Hahaha... funny! I know- isn't it grand that having to "make do" comes while we are young and ignorant? I still call my first married apartment "the brown box" because it was the exact shape of a box, and literally everything was brown in it, from the panelling on the walls to the carpet to the nasty chairs (we got it furnished). It was hideous and I was a blissfully happy newlywed.

trimama said...

Its almost like nesting during pregnancy. You have all the excitement for the new arrival, but by the end you just want the baby out and by the end of packing you just want to move out!