Monday, February 19, 2007

Condo Adventures Part 3: The Great Room

Since I have only been given a vague idea (middle of March) of when I MIGHT be closing on my condo...I sit and daydream about it, and ideas start forming in my head. So I am making plans.

I am not an interior designer, so I have been studying. I have been reading design magazines, watching TOP DESIGN on Bravo, consulting my stylish friends, and paging through the galleries at Thoughts and ideas are forming.

At the risk of being completely torn down by my loyal readers, I will share some of my ideas here.

My dream is to have a retro-style 50's diner booth in my place. I have been struggling with how to incorporate this into the "great room" for weeks. I have toyed with having a very neutral naugahyde put on it to make it fit in with the modern colors of the place...looked at all sorts of combinations (two booths, a booth and two chairs, a round booth), and I just can't get it to work for the space, and in my mind. Plus, I really want to get the sparkly pink crazy I am going to put that dream on the back burner for a different space or when my kids move out or SOMETHING.

That brings me to IKEA. My husband and I have tried to limit our IKEA purchases because let's face it, IKEA just doesn't hold up. However, I spotted this

at a recent IKEA trip, and I could not stop thinking about it. I am in love with it. I will tell you why.

1. It is modern looking and marries form and function. It just becomes this little tiny space-eater, and we can use it when we sit down to eat our 1 meal a day for 8.5 minutes.

2. It's small...I think it is only 35 inches in diameter.

3. It's affordable.

4. I am going to see if I can put a tablecloth over the WHOLE thing once in a while, to change up the look...

Another part of the great room is the bar that attaches to the kitchen area. I suspect we will eat here more than our little tiny table. I also think this will grow into a place where my kids sit and snack or do homework or just talk to me while I am busy trying to make magic in the kitchen. I bought these stools for our counter-top. The aluminum will match the stainless steel appliances and the hardware on the cabinets, quite well I think.

I love this rug. I have been debating about whether or not to get it, because it is cream, and it's quite chunky. But I thought...we are REALLY good about no shoes in the house, and my vaccuum has all sorts of settings for thick to thin rugs, so why not. Plus, I saved about $170- by purchasing it on ebay. And you know how I love ebay. I try not to be a conformist, but I see this type of rug in a lot of ads in these mags I have been's kind of a modern trend right now. I am hoping it will bridge the gap between my blue couches (that I want to get rid of, but my kids will just destroy the next couches, so we might as well wait until they are older and more mature), and the rest of the modernish stuff I want to put in the place. I have also bought some new pillows to put on the couches that will help the whole story make sense, one of them is pictured below, from Urban Outfitters.


terrah said...


I have a simialr rug-- it's probably smaller-- but I love it especially because it's machine washable, even though my vacuum isn't fancy enough to have a setting to vacuum it.

Have fun decorating!

Linzerdoodle said...

Love the table and especially the cute pillow. Are you sure you want to put your diner idea on the back burner? I loved it.

tracy m said...

Yay sparkley pink diner set!! But, I hear you on the impracticality- we don't have a place for one either.

Have fun with the new place- how fun to have all those new spaces to decorate. (Yay on the pillow, too. Super cute!)

Britt said...

While I'm sad to see your retro booth go... I do like the look of the new IKEA table. It really fits with your place. Have you sat in the chairs yet?

I have a similar rug too - it's really soft to walk on.

That place is totally shaping up!

Bek said...

Hi..I am a lurker, but know many of your commenters..

I have that IKEA table and I LOVE it!! I will tell you that it is a bit awkward to eat on the corner though, and you can't really use the chairs w/ them on the flat side of the table, but if you have a very small space (we do too) it is great.

You should check out Desing Mom or Oh Happy Day or Design Sponge, there are TONS of great places that do the retro 50's stuff. Design Mom even lives near you and she has PERFECT taste and is really cool... :-)

BTW..I see your Nuva Ring commercial ALL THE TIME during Primtime, Dateline and Law and Order, I also saw you in People (?) wearing purple for the laundry softener.... you are EVERYWHERE (and I have been waching all the Runway Mom's and have only seen snippiets of you, not your actual show yet...:-)

marian said...

Personally, I think I enjoy the "lying in bed dreaming about it" phase more than the actual choosing and decorating. Not as much money or work involved!

I think you've made some great choices. I absolutely love that pillow,I wish stuff like that fit with the look of my house, but it just doesn't. I second some of the design resource recommendations that Bek made - There are many many many design blogs out there, you can really get lost quickly! might also be good for you, as would Domino magazine if you haven't already seen that.

Can't wait to hear and see more! This is the best part.

wendysue said...

Hey, I say "your" table on Oprah yesterday with Nate Berkus(sp?)! And I was on VH1's website yesterday (answering the pop culture trivia questions), and your Nuvaring commerical/ads were there too!