Thursday, February 08, 2007

Condo Drama, I mean Adventures Part who knows

I knew it was going too smoothly. We had our walk-through last night and everything looked really good. There were a few dings here and there, and a few light switches that were not hooked up to whatever they needed to be hooked up to, but for the most excited me.

The highlights? Self-closing drawers in the just push and they like magically slide closed...very cool. The fact that the two bathrooms have two different color is grey with dark wood, and the other is taupe with lighter dark wood (and a heater for my freezing cold toes in the morning). The floors looked really great. I am very excited about those. They had more character than I realized. And of course, I got to see the washer and dryer yesterday. Wow. Amazing. My first appliances.

We also had news that it was appraised for more than we paid...always a plus. What else? Oh...just that we are now closing in March.


Ok. Truly, if I had found out about this date a few weeks ago, I would have been VERY fine with it...I prefer March to February actually....but now the ball is rolling for February, and it's not good.

Here is why it's not good:
1. I have sold furniture...thus I have boxes of stuff that the furniture was holding, piling up...already.

2. We have cancelled our gym memberships in anticipation of the gym in the condo (this one isn't SO bad since we aren't the best at working out lately).

3. My daughter's birthday is at the beginning of March. I was planning on a party in the new nice organized clean condo...and now I will have to plan a party around an apartment that has boxes everywhere...

4. My husband's new drivers license is being sent to the new place...whoops.

5. I have to deal with all the annoying things that I don't want to deal with for even longer now.....waaaaaaaaaaaaa. 3 words: Laund-RO-MAT

6. The Container Store is delivering lots of boxes of the makings of lots of closets on Feb. 19th...just add it to the pile guys.

But I am grateful for the new condo, and it's going to be great and exciting yada yada yada...


Layton Clan said...

Where is the Condo? Are you still going to be in the Astoria ward?

Sorry for all the drama. Not cool. But I am sure it will look fantastic when you are done!

Suzanne said...

I am SO jealous of your washer and dryer! Is the building brand new? It sounds fabulous. I live in Manhattan (in the 2nd ward) and am still a few years away from living the "good life." Congrats and hopefully the drama will be over soon.

BTW-I read your blog all of the time, but never comment-sorry to be a lurker.

jane said...

I hate it when you're mentally prepared to do something and it ends up being later. Perhaps the Container Store could hold your delivery for a few weeks?

Kage said...

jane, I know, it's like that little thing called a due date. nightmare.

suzanne, welcome, hopefully we can meet in person someday...maybe you can come over and do your laundry

laytons, yes, still in the same ward...

onehm said...

OK, Suzanne was such a good example...I'll stop lurking too! Love the way you write and share your thoughts. You are so talented with words! Bummer about the change of date on closing. I know how torturous that can be! Good luck with the move!

D said...

Well, I hope that still get to go see it when we come to town on Feb 23-25.

Will we get to do more than just a drive-by?

Corinne said...

I HATE waiting. So sorry!