Friday, February 16, 2007

Finally it's Friday

I'm writing this BEFORE the dreaded, I mean EXCITING dance audition (scroll down to see my tu-tued WEE MEE). I am excited. I am going to try to have fun, and do my best. I am really glad I had the tap classes this week, because I feel much more prepared then I might have.

I have had one of the craziest weeks ever...and to top it all off I JUST made the deadline to apply for this if I make some sort of cut, I am counting on all of you to VOTE VOTE VOTE...but don't worry I will give you precise instructions later.

I had an audition yesterday for the ABC Pilot. It went as well as it could have. I felt fine about word yet, so we'll see.

I also had a disagreement with my elderly neighbor. She saw my Tide ad for the first time in Good Housekeeping Magazine and told me how she was certain I was wearing an orange color, and that it was for ORANGE BLOSSOM scent. I told her I was pretty sure I was wearing blue and that she was mistaken.

Well, she was not. Gotta love the powers of photoshop.


Linzerdoodle said...

Tap your heart out, girl!

Allyson said...

Good luck, Kristy!