Friday, February 02, 2007

Free Giveaway

Check out this free giveaway from my FAVORITE baby gift store...SPONGY FEET. Check out the gallery on her website, and see if you can guess which baby's are mine! These blankets make SUCH a great gift, so go get one for free.


Layton Clan said...

Does it count if I know what babies are yours??!? :) Kidding, I actually just purchased a blanket, and some burpies for a friend. They are seriously so cute. I did a shout out to you on da' blog. You serisouly are amazing! Keep it up lady!


Linzerdoodle said...

Kage--I've been meaning to tell you that little v LOVES LOVES LOVES her spongy feet blanket. It's her blanket of choice for tummy time and peek-a-boo. The print is so stimulating and exciting for her.

chloe said...

Thanks Kagey Kage for the shout out!