Monday, February 26, 2007


Good News!

Today I got the call around 5 PM that I booked the Oil of Olay Facial Cleanser Commercial.


Finally that skin-o-mine (thanks MOM) is working hard for the money.

Here is the interesting part. I have to lighten my hair. 10 AM tomorrow I am going to (the apparantly famous) Sally Hershberger 14th Street Salon for HIGHLIGHTS. No, not the magazine. HIGHLIGHTS. The last time I had highlights were last May, and you could barely tell. Yes, I'm scared.

Also today...I auditioned for a reading of Ripper, the audition passed along to me by my friend Kym Mellen. When they called with my appointment time on Friday, they asked for me to prepare a Weill/Brecht piece, preferrably something from Threepenny Opera.

Of course I did my research, read the synopsis, listened to the music, downloaded Barbara Song, and learned it. This took a lot of my time and concentration this weekend. The entire train ride over I was listening to it, because memorizing all that music and all those words in a weekend, is not a piece of cake, especially for this mommy brain.

Small digression: As I was preparing all of my materials this afternoon I had a "little voice" tell me to go find the music for my best BELT piece, and restore it to my song book (a big pink binder full of my repertoire in handy dandy sheet protectors). So, I went and found it and restored it.

Back to the audition. I am sitting there, trying to get in the mood of my piece, and remember my words, and 2 minutes before I am to go in and sing, the producer asks me to sing a BELT piece.

Oh my.

Part of me was ticked, the other part was relieved, because it is never a joy to sing that new audition song for the first time, especially when it is learned so quickly, and especially when it is Weill.

I went in, sang my BELT song (that the "little voice" told me to track down), and was called back on the spot. So, Thursday I will be (upon their request), wearing my highest heels, wearing my hair back, and auditioning for the role of Liz, for the reading of RIPPER THE MUSICAL. Thanks Kym.


Linzerdoodle said...

Congratulations on the commercial!

tracy m said...

Congrats! Can't wait to hear about the highlights and the Oil of Olay commercial...

I was in Costco today and they had the book you are on the cover of- I giggled as I walked by- feeling like I know a secret in broad daylight!

Britt said...

Sally Hershberger? Hello!! Meg Ryan's Hair! Nice!

Suzanne said...

Congrats on the commercial...what an exciting life you have!!!

marian said...

You have to post photos of your new hair, we're all anxious to see them! When does the Olay commercial shoot? Is it in NYC?

What a great couple of days!

heather & fiona said...

Yeah!! Sally H charges 500 bucks for a haircut, I hear. I can only imagine what the highlights would be - enjoy every minute! Congrats on the commercial and audition, so exciting!!

Melissa said...

Since the day I met you I have been awaiting the Kristy Glass SKIN commercial. You got it - can't wait to see it!