Thursday, February 01, 2007

Third Person Thursday

Everyone keeps telling her she has to sing rock. She has an audition coming up for Shrek, the musical. (Don't get excited, it's just an open call). When she told her daughter she was auditioning for Shrek, her daughter replied: "Shrek 3? the movie?", quite excitedly. No, not Shrek 3.

Shrek, the musical requires that all auditioning sing a rock or R & B song. She has been doing a lot of karaoking in the past 6 months, so she has some good ideas, but can't quite solidify them until she consults with the karaoke expert.

She asks: Karaoke expert....what is that song that Joni was singing at karaoke the other night that goes: "How do I get you alone?"
Karaoke expert: Alone by Heart. You should also check out (and then she lists a ton by Heart and 2 tons by Pat Benatar).

They go to Colony Music and pick out a few music books, and because it is Karaoke Expert's birthday, she throws in the Wicked Karaoke CD for her, for kicks. They walk to the subway train, and karaoke expert sings all the songs to her. She is still pretty set on ALONE.

She has been practicing for the past two days...the audition is next Wednesday. Her daughter seems to be catching on, as in the middle of her lego play she bursts outs: "How do I getchoo alone?" She smiles, because she thinks it's cool when her daughters pay attention to her job.

She is actually looking forward to her first rock song audition...she is even planning on attending a RENT open call. She really has absolutely nothing to lose at this point, so she figures...why not?


Corinne said...

Good for you, and I agree - why not??

TftCarrie said...

Awesome! I want to hear her sing Alone!