Thursday, February 22, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She had a busy day. So what else is new?

She had not one, but two kids on Tuesday, because it was spring break. The snow on the ground and the salt covering her coat would say otherwise, but nevertheless, spring break had arrived.

She promised the Toys R Us Ferris Wheel if the girls were good. It was one of her better bribes.

First up, an Oil of Olay commercial audition. As they shuffled off the elevator, a familiar face.

Victoria said: “We keep seeing you EVEYRWHERE. There’s Kristy, There’s Kristy There’s Kristy, There’s Kristy” Her tone illustrated excitement to recognition to slight annoyance. Overall, though, she seemed happy for her. She had to cut her off though, because there was a schedule they had to adhere to, and signing in as soon as possible, was part of that schedule.

She signed in. Only one girl ahead of her…that meant not a lot of time to get settled and change. She changed into the required camisole, and just for kicks, unrolled her jeans, and exchanged her snow boots for heels.

After a little bit of waiting, the casting director said: “Come on in troops.” Since she seemed open to it, and there was no copy for this audition, everybody filed in. Baby was strapped in the stroller, and big sister sat next to her on the floor. They were just to the left of the camera,watching her.

She perched on a stool, and looked to her right, straight on, and down…while the camera did an extreme close up on her face. Then she had to show her manicured hands. In her head she said: “Please ignore that zit, and just pretend you didn’t see those smudges on the manicure that I threw on last night!”

The girls were not completely quiet, but she didn’t care, because this audition was only about one thing….that oil of olay skin.

Done, on to the next one.

Since the weather was a bit mild compared to the previous few days, she decided to get a workout, and hoped that the baby would fall asleep on the way to the next audition.

Baby went in the stroller, and big sister stood in the back of the stroller. She pushed 85 pounds(26 (baby) + 43 (big sis) + 11 (stroller) + 5? (bag)) 16 blocks. Phewsh. By the time she got to the audition, she was a little tired.

She went up the elevator to the 11th floor, filed into the holding room, and found a nice spot in the corner to hang out. Apparently they got there just in time, because a few short minutes later, the room was flooded with women vying for that coveted role in Mary Poppins. Yup, she was back, 1 year later, trying for Mary Poppins, AGAIN. The room was SO full of women, she knew it must be against some sort of fire code. The girls were being so good, as the heat, sweat and smell got more and more pronounced.

The monitor read through the 522 names on the list. Every time a name was called out, the baby raised her hand. No honey, they are not calling YOUR name. She was #10, so she didn’t have to pay attention for very long, and she patted herself on the back for getting up early the week earlier so that she could be #10 on the list.

35 or so excruciating minutes later, it was time to sing. She left her older daughter in the room with a friend, and brought the baby out to stand with her in line until it was time to go in, at which time she handed her off to a second friend.

Announcement: 8 bars, ladies…they want to see as many of you as they can.

Ah…the old 8 bars trick. Well, 4 bars (at least) is usually your last note, which allows for a very short selection.

She opened the door and walked into the room. WHAT A RELIEF to be away from the hoards of smelly, sweaty women. She expressed that:

“For once I am so glad to be in this room right now, it is CRAZY out there”

The room was nice and cool and comfortable, and she wanted to stay in it all day.

She sang her 8 bars and they wished her luck upon exiting back into the chaos.

Good luck indeed.

She gathered her posse from her two friend-helpers and this time it was a shorter 12 blocks to Toys R Us. They rode the ferris wheel, picked out a few toys on sale and ate a wonka bar.

On the way home they stopped by the OSCAR exhibit hosted by Good Morning America, thanked the little people, and then headed home.

She was anxious to blog about her crazy day, and all of her anxiety became times a thousand when she found that her computer was unconscious….still had a pulse though, but a pulse will not a blog make.

The next morning her new best friends, the GEEK SQUAD fixed up her baby nice and pretty, and then it was time to contend with Verizon.

Yes, Verizon cancelled her DSL…..(a condo adventure gone bad…remember, the closing and original transfer of DSL was on Wed)…so this delayed the blogging even further. She loves the Geek Squad. She hates verizon. Oh the ups and downs.

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