Wednesday, March 21, 2007

25, not 24 (the show I'm an hour behind on)

Here's the news:

1. Computer is working. Internet, Email, EVERYTHING
2. Phone is working.
3. Cable and Tivo are working
4. Closets are installed.
5. Office is ALMOST installed, All 18 shelves are put up, but the desk was the WRONG color. All the shelves are walnut, they sent a silver desktop huh? Must exchange at Container Store this weekend, along with a few other odds and ends.
6. Walls are scuffed. Of course.
7. Kids room is the closest to being put the baby feels a little more secure today.
8. Food is stocked.
9. New carpet sheds like a cat. RATS.
10. Paint color works
11. 3/4 of the boxes are unpacked and disposed of...but not necessarily put away.
12. Chairs put together.
13. Dishwasher working.
14. Too scared to try the washer just yet.
15. Kids books on shelf
16. Found a spot for the dreaded beach toys, and Macy's Day Parade gear.
17. Bed frame set to arrive by the weekend
18. Gets cold at night.
19. Met a few neighbors: nice.
20. Beautiful sunrise this morning when I woke up.
21. Back sore.
22. Eyes tired.
23. Final callback for Spelling Bee on Thursday, the 29th for James Lapine and Bill Finn, there is improv involved, if I get it, I leave 2 days later. Having imaginary diarhhea about that, glad to have the distraction of the condo.
24. Informercial Audition tomorrow.
25. Friends who helped me put everything together are AMAZING. Thank you friends.


onehm said...


chloe said...

James Lapine? Holy CRAP. I'd be having imaginary diareah too. WOW. OK, this isn't helping you. Yeah, whatever, James Lapine, no biggy...GOOD LUCK!

Rachel H said...

Wow- that is exciting! So much going on! It sounds like you've accomplished a ton already though! Good luck with the audition!

Bek said...

Yay... Iam not that upacked and I have been here for two years!!

When we got our new white carpet, our son (who was just crawling at the time) would collect that fuzz in his little afro. He looked like Morgan Freeman for months.....


Good Luck w/ the auditions

Linz said...

#20 has got to be a good sign