Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beautiful New York Day

The high was 72 degrees today so we slathered on the sunscreen and threw on some shorts and partied at the playground. I also received my new cell phone in the mail, so I'm back in business.

And now, instead of a list of things that I have accomplished, here is the list of what I have yet to accomplish:

1. Hang all art (mostly photos) on the walls
2. See to the faucet turner-thingy in the girl's tub getting fixed so that little sister does not remove it and whack big sister hard on the head again.
3. Fix the painting oopses (a little bit of tape that is stuck, and some paint where it shouldn't be.
4. Send large box of baby clothes/shoes to niece in TX.
5. Throw away the last of the big trash items
6. Arrange master bedroom furniture, finish putting stuff away in there.
7.Call Home Depot and schedule window measurements and order roman shades for windows.
8. Start a budget to save up for light fixtures to replace the current bulbs
9. Paint two strips in the front room green (It will make sense when you see the finished product).
10. Touch up white walls from move-in scuffs.
11. Purchase new towels and rug for master bathroom, along with a shower caddy.
12. Make a copy of our new keys for the super.
13. CLEAN.

So...the list has gotten shorter, and life is almost normal. Tomorrow is the Spelling Bee audition, I have been practicing quite a lot, and I feel comfortable and ready. The only terror is the improv part. See, in the show thay have four audience members participate in the bee. My character comments on these people. She meets them or gets a description of them before the show and then writes little quips about them. So, I have been told I will get descriptions of people tomorrow and have to come up with little ditties for them. GREAT.

I suppose I will know fairly quickly if the job is mine, since the contract starts April 1st. I have two jobs waiting to here what the status is, because if I get the tour, I will have to pass on them. The nice thing is, if I don't get the tour, I have plenty to do, and it won't be a terrible blow to my emotional system.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.


Kage's Mom said...


Linz said...

You have one lucky little niece. She is so well-dressed because of you. Be thinking about you tomorrow.

Inexperienced Dad said...

Wow. That's the SHORT list?

Do you have like 60 hours in a day? I'm amazed at all you get done in a day...

Congrats on the new house. Glad things are almost back to normal.

Anonymous said...

I FINALLY was able to see your Runway Moms episode (the joy of spring break - I love being a teacher!). LOVED it! Not only are you and your family just beautiful, you truly exerted how much love you have for all of them. Thank you for truly being a model mom!

I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but one of my brothers was selected to be apart of the "Bee". He's pretty metro so the character you're auditioning for commented that he developed a cartoon for his schools paper called "Preppy Boywonder". It was actually quite funny. I'm crossing all of my fingers and toes for you!