Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My brother had spring break this week. He decided to head to CA with some friends, and he hung out with my girls and me for about 3 days. We had such a great time.

He is 18. He is tall and cool and social and he has a great heart. The poor guy has three sisters and three nieces. Zero brothers. Zero nephews. Whoever marries him is going to be a very lucky girl.

Yesterday my 18-year-old college freshman brother spent an entire day at Disneyland with 5 little girls under the age of 5, and their 3 mothers. He went on Alice, Peter Pan, Mr. Toads, Small World, Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh. He sat through a few Princess shows, and even met a few Disney princesses. On Pirates, he held my daughter's hand so she wouldn't get scared. On the tea cups, all nine of us piled in one cup, and he was the master spinner. He is the best uncle ever.

Due to the nature of our group, there was a lot of chaos for much of the day. Several times he would come up behind me and say: Sam, checking in. It was so funny... like he was one of the kids too. When we left him in the Timone Parking Lot at 9 at night, all of sudden I felt like I had lost something. It was his energy that I lost...I had had it with me for three days, and his absence was strongly felt.

Thanks for the memories lil bro.


Corinne said...

your brother sounds like my brother. he's 18, is a college freshman, has seven older sisters and is the most fabulous company. i'm so glad you got to see yours!

Omar Cruz said...
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Linz said...

I hope we see pics soon! Samyo is THE best. And you are an awesome mom for giving D such a fabulous birthday celebration.