Friday, March 09, 2007


Calyeefornia, is how my daughter pronounces the state in which we are flying to today. I love that she says it that way.

Why are we going to Calyeefornia? Thank you for asking.

Here is why:

My daughter turned 5 yesterday, and when we were planning her birthday party, the plan was to have it in our brand new condo!

As the brand new condo plans started to unravel, I did too.

I tried to picture the party in our current apartment. I imagined creating a McDonalds Playland-like jungle gym with the towering multi-level expanse of boxes collecting in the dining nook of our apartment, or letting the girls have a free-for-all on the boxes with sharpies, or having relay races that involved wrapping and packing my dishes, but in the end I decided all of that was far too hazardous to my precious stuff (not the children of course).

I then let my mind wander to the various public places around here that accomodate birthday parties. I pictured the few I had been to: tables, chairs, table cloths, loud music, live acts (clowns, princesses), ponies (ok I saw those circling an alley around a nearby apartment building, I wasn't ACTUALLY invited to that one), food for like a hundred people, 3 generations of guests, balloons, prizes, games, utter chaos, starting hours late, ending even later, and all the planning and preparation that must go into those parties.

Then I thought about Chuck E Cheese.

Then I remembered that we got a tax return.

And I got on and decided that we would have a party in the sky and go visit friends in California to celebrate instead of riding ponies in the alley.

So, we are going to Pasadena to see our BFF's, and because we are so popular, 2 MORE friends decided to come see us, AND my brother. So, it was a great decision (except for losing the Ripper reading....ok last time I will mention it), and it would be even more fantastic if my baby didn't start running a slight fever tonight, and I didn't have the mother of all sinus infections, and if I was coming home to my nice new condo, and if I had won the $370 million dollar New York lottery, and...

But Seriously, it's gonna be a great trip. Calyeefornia here we come!


DTA said...

I hope you have a great trip.

Linzerdoodle said...

It sounds really fun. Give Samyo a big hug for me!

Kage's Mom said...

I think the Governor of California pronounces it that way too!