Sunday, March 04, 2007

Condo Adventures Part 4: Odds and Ends

The Container Store came. They left piles and piles of boxes. Enough to organize 3 closets and an entire home office. Sigh. I can't wait to move.

There have been a few other design ideas coming to the surface that I would like to share. The kitchen area will have this pot rack:

There is a teeny tiny wall space outside of the girl's bathroom, and since we have no linen closet, I bought this to store extra towels and toiletries:

I have bought a bed spread and chandelier for the master bedroom. The plan is to paint the walls the same light blue color that is in the bed spread. It is sort of a light blue with a hint of periwinkle. And to hang the chandelier (this will require the help of an expert...DRAT!), above the bed. I have picked out a bed that I want to purchase, but we need to save up for it.

The girls room I have decided to hold off on decorating until I can just purchase the whole room (beds, linens, mattresses, curtains, rug, etc), but I have my heart set on this chandelier, and pretty much anything from pottery barn teen.

I made a few other purchases recently from Urban Outfitters, but they are surprise for my husband, and since he faithfully reads the blog, I cannot post them here yet. Sorry.

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Linzerdoodle said...

I love what you have picked out so far.