Monday, March 19, 2007

Condo Adventures Part 5: Crazy Washer

I should be packing, but instead I am blogging, while I wait for my mouth to stop itching after eating a banana which according to my $1200- allergy blood tests, I am NOT allergic to. That's another story for another time. $400 to find out if I am allergic to mussells....oops, sorry I promised, another time.

Remember that scene in the film Mary Poppins when the maid says: "POSTS EVERYONE!", and everyone takes a position to protect a valuable object from being broken by the blast above their home?

Well, apparently I have a POSTS EVERYONE situation in the new's called the SPIN cycle of my new washer.

The washer is does not walk, it RUNS around it's teeny tiny closet, like the White Rabbit's Pocket watch at the Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland. This happened two times, where I literally had to put all my weight on top of it, to stop it from running down the hallway.

It was concerning, so I went home and googled: "Bosch Washer crazy", and found a thread of other crazy washer owners, who had really great suggestions. One of which was to buy some vibration pads to absorb the spinning vibrations during the spin cycle.

Apparently these are only found on ebay, and I bid on one the other night, but got outbid by $.24. LAME. I wasn't paying attention to when the auction ended. So I have to win this next one, b/c they don't sell anything like it at Home DePot, and you KNOW I will not be deterred from my washer not WILL WORK DARNIT! (but I am really saying the OTHER word in my head).

I feel like I should post a little something in the elevator for all the new tenants, because I have a feeling they are ALL going to have this problem, and are going to need these handy dandy vibration pads. Maybe I should buy ALL the ones on EBAY and resell them to the tenants...oh who am I kidding, I don't have time for a new business venture right now.


"A" squared said...

haha, I'm trying to stop laughing but the mental pictures of a runaway washer with you trying to stop it is HILARIOUS!

I'm sorry you are having more adventures... but you are providing me with much entertainment! :)

tracy m said...

Hey K- your washer really shouldn't be doing the boogaloo down the hallway- that usually means the drum is unballanced. Call the company that you bought it from and have them send out a guy to ballance it...(it's a minor repair, and should be covered still since it's new)

Or, you could just have fun with your magic dancing washer!

HK said...

Hmmm, allergy shots and runaway clothes washer - two more episodes for a TV pilot...

Ky said...

Hahaha, please tell me that you are going to document your appliance and label it 'The Many Travels of the W.M'.