Friday, March 02, 2007

For 10 Minutes

I had my callback for Ripper yesterday. I thought I did a good job looking the part (they wanted me to be tall and have a long neck), and I felt great about the scene and the accent.

When I got there I went in first, and for some reason, I took that as a good sign. I had fun doing the scene and singing just a small portion of my song.

5 hours later they called and offered me the part of Long Liz, the lanky prostitute. I accepted and reminded them of the conflicts I had mentioned before. In a follow-up email I gave them the specifics of my conflicts and they replied with: That's not going to work after all.

I tried to change my flight back from LA so that I could work around it, but even the change didn't bring me back to town fast enough.

I could cancel the trip, but I promised my daughter a trip to California for her 5th birthday, and I don't want to cut it short. It means too much to both of us.

So, it was fun being Long Liz for 10 minutes. I think I played the part very well. And most importantly, it was just nice to be offered a job in musical theatre's been a while.


Natasha said...

1- Congratulations on getting the part! I am sorry that you can't take it because of the trip. I am glad to see that you're sticking with your guns and taking D to California! Way to go!

onehm said...

I'm sure it's difficult to give up such a great opportunity...good for you for putting your role as Mom as #1! You are always such a good example of that. I'm sure the memories you make in CA will be MUCH better...

TftCarrie said...

So sorry this happened, but seems like from past experience, it's almost inevitable when you plan a trip. Especially an important one :)

So glad you are still coming!

Samyo said...

Thats sweet you got the part, but I am happy I will still be able to see you!