Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Moving Day

On Sunday I told my daughter to enjoy the night b/c it was her last sleep in her "old" apartment. That was a lie, because it was really last night. I guess I was just wishing that moving day was one day earlier.

The last few days we have been in full chaos mode. Thankfully I had no auditions yesterday, so I could focus on the remaining details that are moving. It felt good to finally clean out all the stuff I wanted to clean out, to sort through all the stuff I had been wanting to sort, and to fantasize about the new condo and how clean and organized it will be someday.

Over the weekend I had a few home improvement projects. One was staining my pine tv stand to a dark dark walnut brown. There are a few gliches, but for my first time, I am very happy with the outcome. I will post pix of the before and after once I have them.

My OTHER project was to paint my entire master bedroom and one teeny tiny wall of my office on Saturday. It was a big job, and luckily my friend saved me and came to help me finish it. Again, there are a few imperfections, but overall I am very happy with the outcome, and again...pix will follow.

As I am in the middle of all of this, my mind keeps wandering to the possibility of getting the Spelling Bee job. The callback is early next week, and the contract starts just days later, so IF I were to leave town on April 1st, that would be so strange to come back 7 weeks later. I think I would feel homeless, b/c I won't have been in the new condo long enough to have the look and feel of it memorized.

But Chaos seems to follow me wherever I go, so it really would make perfect sense to move and then leave town for almost 2 months right?


Ashley said...

Coming out of lurking :) Congratulations on the condo!

I was wondering too, where did you get your necklace with your kids names on it? I was telling my husband that's what I want for Mother's Day and really like yours. :)

Linz said...

Can't wait to see pics

marian said...

Yay / Ugh moving! And of course I can't wait to see pics.

I have my fingers crossed for you on the spelling bee job, I think I'd better start checking if the tour comes anywhere near here, I want to see you! So how does it work with the girls if you go on tour? Do they stay there with a babysitter? Go to Grandma's? Go on tour with you with a babysitter? You sell them on the black market? ;-)

katie said...

Hi- ditto what Ashley wrote. Love your necklace, have been wondering the same thing for a while now. Thanks! and Good luck on "The Spelling Bee" :)

Kage said...

ashley & katie, I copied it from a friend who got hers at Shop Intuition
. There you can get it in silver or gold. The necklace there has dime-size pendants. They also have a few variations on it like the monogram diamond, initial charms, and perferated disc.

I personally wanted mine to be all gold, not gold-plated and so my DH had mine custom-made from a jeweler in Miami.

Mine are quarter-size discs and the chain is faceted...which is shiny ball, matte ball, shiny ball, matte ball. Also, it took some convincing, but I had the jeweler space the two chains a little off-kilter so that they layered nicely. Glad you like them...they felt a little blingy at first, but I LOVE them now. The shop intuition ones are more subtle. I will put a link on the sidebar too.