Monday, March 26, 2007

My Necklace

I have gotten a few comments and emails inquiring about my necklace. I only wear one necklace, and I started wearing it only a few short months ago when my husband gave it to me as a gift.

Here is the story. My good friend got this necklace from her DH for Mother's Day. I loved it. I thought it was so cute, and every time she wore it I thought: "Gee whiz, I would like to have that necklace too." I don't like to blatantly copy my friends, but I thought about it a long time, and decided I would just ask for it in gold, and that and the names would make it different enough (yeah right). My friend was a good sport about it and supported me totally copying her. Thanks friend.

So, I went to the website and after researching, I decided that gold plated just wasn't going to cut it. I wanted the real deal. Here is why. 1. I don't have a lot of nice jewelry, and I knew I would wear it all the time, so it would be worth it. 2. I have funny sensitive skin, so I wasn't sure if gold plated would do something to my skin. 3. The gold plated didn't look shiny/high quality in the picture on the website. 4. I look better in gold (than in silver).

So, I wrote my husband this email:
Dear Jason, this is your good friend Santa. I just wanted to let you know that Kristy has another secret blog that you don't know about. There she writes about all of her wants and desires. I wanted to let you in on a little secret. There is something that she has been wanting EVER since she saw that her friend had it.
(insert inappropriate joke here)

Ho Ho Ho!....just kidding....Ho Ho Ho I crack myself up.

But seriously. It is a necklace, VERY similar to this one.

Now, the only problem with that one is that it is gold-plated. If you are fine with this, she is fine with it....but it might be nice to have the real gold huh? Not sure exactly where to find that, but figured if you printed out the photo and took it to your nearest jeweler, you might be able to give it a shot.

Now, there are a few details that are ultra important:

faceted ball style chain is one of them. (she would prefer two of varying sizes, one disc per chain, chains can be connected) NOT long....a short chain that has the disc resting near the collar bone.
And the font on the discs:
NOT cursive script
NOT typed looking

Something similar to what is pictured would be fine...either all uppercase or not...up to you.

Now, as if you didn't know, the two discs will have one name each, and guess what those names are? You guessed it...D and O.

Ho Ho are a good man Jason, and I know that you will get right on this, because that look of dissappointment on your wife's face Christmas morning would not have me ho-ho-hoing...

Happy hunting Jason, and may the force be with you.


So, about 3 weeks before Christmas, my friend was over at our house for a party and she was wearing the necklace. And when the party was over the following conversation:
DH: So, your friend's necklace, that is pretty small huh?
K: What do you mean small?
DH: Those discs on there, those are pretty tiny.
K: Yeah, it's perfect like that, I love it like that, it HAS to be like that.
DH: What's wrong with a quarter size? ...a series of rantings and ravings (I had this custom-made for you and shipped from Miami.....blah blah blah)
K: a series of instances (blah blah blah..Miami? You work 9 blocks from the jewelry district in Manhattan blah blah)
DH: a series of ultimatums

In the end, I realized that I did NOT specify the SIZE of the discs. Whoops.

He gave me the necklace the next day, obviously NOT on Christmas morn, and I was a little dissappointed at first b/c it was so big and shiny, and the longer chain was too long. I took it to the jeweler and had it adjusted and wore it for a few days, and quickly fell in love with it. I especially the love the chain with the alternating shiny/matte/shiny/matte.

I like that it is dramatic and bold and indetectable on my neck (accept when a little hair gets caught in it, ouch). I love it honey, and I love you, and all you girls out there who keep inquiring about my necklace....go get yourself one.


Ashley said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Cute! :) I have a similar one from Only mine only has my kid's first initials on them, and both are on one chain. ;)