Thursday, March 29, 2007


modern day musings from a modern day mother

by Robert Charles Gompers
Starring: Kristy Glass

THIS WEDNESDAY ~ April 4th ~ 7PM
Emerging Artists Theatre ~ 311 W 43rd St. 5th Floor
Tickets: $10-

As if the chaos of moving, getting my purse stolen, possibly going on a tour, raising my children, cleaning up after my shedding crazy rug, and trying to make sure my birth control prescription is refilled wasn't enough, I have been rehearsing for a one woman show for that past two weeks.

I haven't blogged about it until now because I did not know the fate of the show until this morning. Now that I am not touring with BEE, I can focus on this very exciting project.

If you are in NYC, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and support the show! It would be so rad to have friends and family and bloggers come and laugh with me for a very short evening.

So please consider it, and let me know if you will be in the audience!


Beth said...

How awesome. Wish I could go. Maybe you should do a repeat performance at the end of April.

Layton Clan said...

Oh, I wish I wish I could be there. I am sure you will do fantastic!

KJ said...

I would love to be there cheering you on. Sounds like a cool undertaking. Way to go Kristy!

Suzanne said...

I am going to do my best to be there. Looking forward to it!