Monday, March 05, 2007


I am off to Orlando this morning to attend a Nuvaring Dinner.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I have been wondering what EXACTLY that meant for about a week, and trying to get answers so that I could plan my wardrobe. Is it black tie? Am I speaking? Am I just schmoozing with high-powered pharmacuetical executives? Should my attire be summery since it's Orlando? So many questions.

I got the answer on Friday. My agent's assistant: "Make sure your are home on Saturday morning b/c they are fedexing you a package with your is the same exact outfit that you wore in the commercial"


So, sure enough there it was on my doorstep at 11 AM the next morning, looking just like the black pants and brown shirt that it is. I hope they don't mind if I wear my OWN black flats (since those I wore in the commercial hurt very badly,), and that my hair is not the same color and cut that it was...

Apparently my role at the dinner is to shake hands and sign autographs. I am an Organon Celebrity. It will be fun...I will have the full report upon my return, tomorrow.

PS A lot have you have been asking about Young Frankenstein. I have heard absolutely nothing. I will give it one more week before I remove it from my brain waves as a remote possibility.


Catherine said...

YAY! You're coming to my hometown! It's in the 40's this morning! It was 88 on Saturday! Sorry we couldn't have warmer weather for you! Hope you have a good time, what hotel are you staying at?
Catherine in Orlando

tracy m said...

He he! Do you have to walk around holding the little ring with your arm flung up in the air, too!?

Hope it's fun, anyway!

Linzerdoodle said...

I can't believe you're wearing the same outfit...kind of like Minnie Mouse or something. That's funny--but I suppose they will recognize your more easily! Have fun!

wendysue said...

Love your little cartoon picture of yourself up there (I forget what it's called). Come on! Like they couldn't recognize you with something else on!

AzĂșcar said...

As I was reading the wardrobe contemplation section, I bet myself that you'd have to wear the same thing as the commercial.

Too funny!