Thursday, March 01, 2007

Third Person Thursday

Her calltime was 7 AM. Yahoo Maps indicated Silvercup was 8 minutes away. She left with only 11 minutes to get there. By the time she parked and found Stage 4, she was about 7 minutes late.

The manicurist and makeup artist had been in the business 27 years, her whole life. It was nice to be pampered with beautiful makeup and beautiful nails. Her makeup artist had just done Gwyneth Paltrow's makeup for the Oscars. She said Gwyneth is really down to earth.

She talked education with her makeup artist, and learned all about Rudolf Steiner, the type of education her 9-year-old daughter participates in, in LA.

Her hair was swept back and she changed in her camisole/slip wardrobe, and then it was time to go on the set. Lighting always takes a long time. She was patient with ALL those lighting changes and hemming and hawings.

Then it was time to tape. First, closeups, smiles, looking down, looking away, leaning into shoulder, tilting head, smiling, etc. Second shot, touching her face and smiling. Third shot, using the facial cleanser on her face in a brushing motion, to indicate washing with the product. Done.

She was so happy, she was wrapped so early, that she got to pick up her daughter from school. And she got a few hours to relax and prep for her Pirates audition.

On the way to the Pirates audition, she listened to the score on her ipod. It brought back such great memories. What a wonderful show Pirates is! When she walked in to audition, she was surprised at how many people were behind the table. She recognized someone from the Rosie 'O Donnell Show; John McDaniel. She had been clueless, up to that moment, that he was involved in this new revamped, Carribean version of Pirates. Cool, she thought.

She sang well, and they laughed at her scene. She went home, and picked up her daughters at the dance school, ate dinner and went to bed. She only woke up once during the night because she dreamt her baby was drowning in the toilet. She thought a psycho analyst might suggest she was feeling guilty for working a lot lately. She's glad it was only a dream.


D said...

Ah, Pirates. My personal favourite is "Oh leave me not to pine alone". Having been in that show twice (once as a pirate, once as the stage director / choreographer / propsmaster), I feel a certain attachment to it.

I very much hope you get this one.

Helen said...

I suggest the toilet dream may have more to do with potty training. Perhaps your empathy for your daughter, she could worry about falling in.