Thursday, March 08, 2007

Third Person Thursday

Her DH woke her up on Friday morning with these words:

"It may not be an Oscar, but it's something....come read this"
Her first thought in her groggy, half-asleep state was "Helen Hayes?", because that is the only theatrical award she had ever been nominated for (5 YEARS ago), and that as part of an ensemble cast.

She went to the computer and read an email from the associate principal from her high school, and learned that she had been chosen to receive the DISTINGUISHED ALUMNUS AWARD this year.

She had no idea what that meant.

Later in the day she spoke with him on the phone and he explained that they have been giving this award out to Alumni for the past 10 years (which would explain why she had never heard of it, since her 10 year reunion is coming up), and mentioned a few of the past winners.

As part of her acceptance of the award, she will be attending the acedemic awards ceremony on May 9th, and presenting a 10-15 minute keynote speech, a powerpoint on her career, and singing a song.

This is so out of left field that she doesn't quite know what to think. She has had the blues lately about the approaching 30th birthday (in 2 years), and wondering if she has done enough in her life...this award is helping her see that she is doing ok so far, and after reading about the past distinuished alumni, she is honored to be joining them.

So, that was a nice surprise, especially after her Long Liz dissappointment, and it means a free trip back home!


Erin Marie said...

However random it is, it's still really cool. Congratulations!

Beth said...

You of all people can't seriously wonder if you have done enough in your life????? Are you kidding? I think you do more than anyone I know! (but I know what you are getting at). Congrats on the award.

Britt said...

I'm glad you're representing us! Way to go!

marian said...

Congrats, that is excellent! And a free trip home is pretty nice too.

And I personally found 30 a bit more relieving than I expected - I no longer had to dread it's arrival!

What's with the surgical gear on the weemee - are you avoiding an illness right now? Or has it already hit? I notice she's wearing a robe too...

Kage said...

good observation. I have the mother of all sinus infections....the mask is to prevent my germies from getting to others.