Thursday, March 15, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She looked at the clock. eight fifty six. EIGHT FIFTY SIX! She did the math...she had 19 minutes to be out the door and on her way to her 10:15 Audition. She checked the alarm, oh yes, set for 8 PM.

She realized that in 19 minutes she would not be able to get both kids dressed, fed, and out the door ready to face the world, so she called some friends, and luckily one of them could hop in a cab and come over to watch them. She changed clothes, grabbed her makeup bag and split. She hadn't washed her hair since Disneyland a few days ago, and her last square meal was an In and Out Burger from lunch the day before.

She did her makeup ON the train, something she would rather not do, and made it to the audition with 6 minutes to spare.

The audition went well, and then she had to race home to pick up the kids and take a cab to the new condo, for their second (and hopefully final) walk-thru. The kids were really good, the condo looked good, she just didn't smell very good.

While she was there she got a phone call; an audition for the tour of 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. These are the same Casting People as Young Frankenstein, so at first she was hoping it was a call about that....oh well, this was still good news.

She walked through the condo trying to picture her life there in less than one week. She breathed in and breathed out, out of her one clear nostril, (but not too deeply since she only had 19 minutes to freshen up that morning), and she felt the future around the corner.

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Kylee said...

Impressive!!! Congrats on having time to spare. Gotta love those moments when you prove your brilliance on getting somewhere in record time:D