Thursday, March 29, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She only felt like she might throw up about 4 or 5 times that day. She tried to breathe and calm herself, and distract herself until it was time.

As long as she had the lines and music in her mouth, or was getting ready, she was was the moments in between that made her feel overwhelmed.

Her babysitter got there just in the nick of time, and even pushed through a bloody hand and foot injury, to make it ON TIME. She gave her instructions, ran through it one last time, kissed them goodbye and went to her audition.

She was a little early, so she fixed her hair, put on her pumps and ran through it some more in her head.

She went in the room. A lot of folks were there. She was introduced to James Lapine and the conversation went like this:

JL: You're from Chicago Proper or elsewhere?
KG: I grew up in Naperville, heard of it?
JL: Yes, where is that.
She drew the compass to make sure she got it right.
KG: West. It is west. Actually, there are no Eastern suburbs because there is a giant Lake on the East.

More small talk.

Then it was time to sing. The song went well. Just one little throat catch, because today's choice of nervous symptom was WET WET armpits and DRY DRY mouth. Why? Why? Why?

Then it was time for the scene, which also went very well. They laughed at a few of her choices, which is always nice validation. Then it was time to "wait outside."

After a few minutes, she and the other Rona's were instructed to compose pithy remarks about imaginary people written on a piece of paper for them. See, 4 audience members participate in the musical as spellers in the Bee, and the part of Rona announces them with little bits of information.

The list was long. She had been thinking about it for a week, so she had a few ideas already (okay, 4 pages of brainstorming written down in her notebook). She ended up not really using it though, and just came up with a few bits here and there. Some of her favorite examples:

Mr. Sam Ellington (He is middle-aged white man dressed all in black)
Mr. Ellington enjoys playing the Ukelele. His favorite color is yellow.

Mr. John Smith (He is well dressed in an expensive suit and tie.)
Mr. John Smith wants to join the circus when he grows the Tiger Tamer. He has a pet tabby cat named Pocahontas.

Captain Mike Spear
Captain Mike Spear is captain of the Putnam County Curling Squad. His hobbies include poeting and synchronized swimming.

Reverend David David
Reverend David David is the last of 17 boys. His parents were stumped.

There were more, but those were a few of her favorites. They laughed at all of them, but she has a sneaky suspicion they were just trying to be supportive. Others had more laughter, which was also appreciated.

She left feeling brave, and like she did the best she could. She called the next morning to get the news (even though she already knew it, b/c she figured they would call the same night). The casting director gave her some great feedback, but said she didn't quite fit in with the current company that is on the tour. She is okay with that, because she is starring in a one-woman show next Wednesday night AND she is gearing up to do the next series of Eebee Videos.

And on a personal note, the past two weeks of wondering if she was going to leave town or not, left her with melancholy moments. When she got invitations for Easter and Birthday parties, she thought she might really miss going. When her baby fell down and needed a kiss, she thought she might miss getting a chance to make it all better. She thought she might really miss talking to her older daughter about school and boys and Disney Princesses. And she thought she might be pretty cold at night without that warm DH body next to her. So, she's ok.

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Linz said...

Kage, you really did your best. I'm impressed with the comments you made up and such and it's so cool that you got so close. I'm glad you feel good today and you will have a fun Spring with everything else you have lined up.