Monday, April 30, 2007

Back on Set

Friday marked the first day back taping Eebee's Adventures. The pilot was shot back in 2003, and our first "real" round of videos in October 2004. It has been 2 1/2 years, and it might as well have been 2 1/2 weeks. Almost the entire crew stayed the same, set the same, everything the same. The only thing new is the adventures we are having and the costumes.

I never expected Eebee's to go this far. I have always had faith in the video series and the product, but I never thought when I was doing the pilot nearly 4 years ago, that we would be coming together for a 3rd round.

I was emailed the scripts a few weeks ahead of time, and felt a little trepidation at all the content and all the adventures, but then when I got on set, it was just the same natural place...Eebee and me, playing with shaky toys, wind chimes, telephones....whatever it may be.

I have had a few days off, and will go back on to the set tomorrow for some more fun. I haven't had a job in a few months and I was starting to think maybe I would be ok without working, but as SOON as I walked in I was like: I love working! As it is a puppet show, we are taping at the Henson Annex in Manhattan, which is great fun for me as I am a big Muppet fan. Outside the door it says "ha!" which I learned from the WWW that it stands for Henson Associates. A lot of still photographs of the Muppets were (and maybe still are) shot here.

Our director and puppeteers have just finished working on Johnny and the Sprites and Between the Lions, so I was singing the theme song For Johnny and the Sprites in my head all day long. Hopefully I can have a different song for tomorrow. Heartbreaker anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Johnny get a Tony or a nomination or something like that for his work/voice on "Avenue Q"? I thought I read something about that.
Have a great day!