Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back to Myself

I know the Oil of Olay blond hair was not that drastic of a change, but I miss my brown hair. Today I am getting it dyed back to it's REAL color, and a cut to boot. I am still trying to grow it out, so it will just be a teeny tiny trim. All this after my go-see for Nortel. I guess I should look up what the heck that is.

Yesterday I took the kids to my go-see for a migraine medication, and my daughter's go-see, for some company that I have no idea what it was. We all did really well going from train to train and walking several blocks. Towards the middle of our journey, the girls really latched on to the idea of singing "Following The Leader" from Peter Pan..with some new improvised lyrics that included "PRETZEL QUEEN."

I think I must have sung that song at least a dozen times while walking the streets of New York. Needless to say, we got a lot of looks, especially since the toddler was wearing this hat:

Yes, it's her favorite. She picks it out EVERY time. And now with her well-developed eyebrows and lips, she just looks crazy stunning cute in it. This photo was taken when she was around 7 months old...She also had her puffy vest and a pink sparkly scarf, with bright pink pants, so the whole ensemble was quite attention-grabbing. Add to it big sister, leading us with her yellow and white striped leggings, black biker boots and holding a bag of pretzels above her head...I was the one who looked normal for once.

My mean mommy moment for the day was this: My daughter ran a bit ahead of me in the subway tunnel, and a woman sort of hollered at her to stop and wait for mommy and I yelled loudly to her: "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS." I know, rude right? But, I hate when strangers tell my children what to do, especially when I am watching them, and they are fine. Comes with the territory when you are raising kids here though....

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Rachel H said...

I can't stand that either!!Although today when I saw a Grandma hand a BRAND new baby over to what looked like a 7 yr old brother(maybe he was older but looked young) to CARRY on the sidewalk with tons of other crazy kids running(we were at the ZOO), I was pretty moritfied as this teensey baby was kind of dangling in her big brothers arms as he walked.