Monday, April 02, 2007

Coming up for Air

I am hoping to get a nice big gulp of it on Thursday morning. In short, March has been crazy. Seriously, where did March go? It was like the beginning, then Orlando, then California, then close, then move, then Spelling Bee, then get robbed, then more Bee, then One Woman Show, and now it is April...

I feel great about the progress on the condo, and the show. I feel pretty great about what's coming up in April, and planning for that. There are a few things that are lacking in my life right now:
Bathing (I really want to take a BATH in my new TUB)

If I could just have a little bit of that, I would be very happy.

One thing I do have is a very awesome bedroom. I got my headboard this weekend, and I think it looks so pretty with the light blue color in the bedroom. My white curtains should be getting here soon, and that will add to it as well.

I am shooting some more Eebee's Adventures in late April/early May, and I just booked the plane tickets for my little girls to go visit Grammy and Papa for 10 days. I know I will be working while they are away (which is why they are shipping out), but it will be SUCH a nice break....I love ya kids, but you wear me OUT.


Linz said...

I love the room.

Elizabeth S said...

I love that headboard!

D said...

Hygiene is paramount. Go take a bath.