Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Condo Adventures: Let There Be Light


I had an electrician come by this weekend and install a few light fixtures. I had him put in the generic white ones that go in the bathroom and hallways, and then the chandelier for my bedroom that I have been SO excited about. I love it.

My daughter, of course, wants to know when she is getting her princess chandelier, and I just tell her; "When mommy gets paid, honey."

The lighting in the bathroom and hallways uses some florescents that are supposed to save energy. These are the first steps in my new efforts to try to be a little more GREEN.

The last step in the lighting fixture arena is to get some pendants for the kitchen and living room, and a few over-the-mirror jobbers for the bathroom, and of course, the princess chandelier, when mommy gets paid.

That's my husband napping on Saturday. Poor guy. He fades around 3 'o clock on Saturdays, and if he doesn't nap, then he is a goner by like 7 at night. No I didn't smother him with the pillow, I think he was just trying to drown out the light.



Linz said...

Wow I really like it. IT's funny, I didn't notice your DH was on the bed until you pointed out. He kind of camouflages into the bedspread!

wendysue said...

I didn't notice him either. . .I was too busy looking at your fanflippintastic chandelier!! Love it! (and the color of your room. . .same as mine!)

Ashley said...

Looks great!

Liz&Meg said...

random question (I'm a friend of Linz's by the way) what size is your quilt on your bed? I'm having a hard time finding blankets that fit and am almost ready to buy a king blanket for my queen size bed so the war over the blankets can end!

Kage said...

It's Queen Size on a Queen it at anthropologie. Urban OUtfitters has good size quilts too

chloe said...

I love the quilt with the wall color with the light fixture and then the calmness of the wood floors. You did a good job with this room.