Tuesday, April 24, 2007



This morning my husband woke me up: WAKEUP! YOU'RE A FINALIST. YOU GOTTA GET OUT THE VOTE.

So, here I am, 6:57 AM, and HUNGRY, trying to GET OUT THE VOTE, for all of my loyal voters who are also crazy, I mean, up this early!

You know what to do! And THANK YOU.



Samyo said...

Just woke up and got your voicemail...Sent a message to all the people in the facebook group.

It is kind of surprising that they are having people vote again isn't it? Did you know it was going to work like this?

Either way, you're still going to win!!

Kage said...

I had no idea there was phase 2, a little frustrating, but it will be ok.

Melissa said...

Congrats! The girl you were worried about isn't even a finalist - ya-hoo.

Jon Conradt said...

I had to laugh when Heidi and I logged into the site and the ad below the video featured our very own Kristy Glass! It was an ad for Playskool. Nice timing.

Good luck!

tracy m said...

Done and done.

Stacy said...

Kristy~ You don't know me..but a huge congrats to you! Again, you'll have my vote! I have been on the edge of my seat waiting to see the results from the first round:)But I was not suprised to see you in the 5 finalists! I 'heard about' the contest through Heidi Swapp's blog & several of her readers have been putting the word out on their blogs too! This is just fabulous! Best of Luck & we'll just keep voting :)

wendysue said...

Yippee! (and can I just say that I think that "Dawn" girl is in there just because her thumbnail somehow shows up on the video screen before everyone's video. . .is it like subliminal messaging? Well, it WON'T work!!)

Joy said...

Congrats! I will keep voting - you HAVE to win!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy,

I somehow stumbled across the savvy mom contest, and you have definitely gotten my votes and I will keep voting until the 29th!

In your audition video, you mentioned that you had gone to church recently...just wondering what church do you attend?


texas christy said...

i totally hope you win. you have that special something! i'll keep voting too. any advice on getting kids into modeling? nothing big, just for fun. i have a blonde curly headed little girl who has that special something too!