Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good News! ~ Every Vote Counts

I wrote to the Real Savvy Peops and this was their response:

"Yes, every vote counts (member or not)"

So, keep the votes coming. (also hit VOTE HERE on the sidebar)

Today is my first since Saturday that I am alone with my children. The fever part (which is really the hardest part of this whole ordeal), is a lot more under control, and the knives in the throat are dulling a bit. I am so grateful to my DH for taking such great care of all of us the entire LONG weekend. I don't know what I would have done without him, probably melted into a puddle of my own tears.

Having kids when you are THAT incapacitated is so hard. I can barely match their energy as it is, but add the debilitating fever and it's over. Now I just hope they don't get it too, although I don't think it hits them quite as hard as us wussy adults.

My almost-2-year-old (5 days to go), has been put on hold for a job for Toys r Us on Wed. This is the first time she has been put on hold for a while. That would be a good job to ease back into life with, because it would be driving, which is always easier (thank you DVD player), and there will be a wrangler their who can "deal" with her on set. I had a chance to wrangle on Wednesday, but I decided the knives in the throat would not be all gone by then, and so I said, Thanks, but NO THANKS.

So far my kids are being really good, coloring and stripping all dolls of their clothes (2-year-old), while listening to music. I can handle this pace. Oh, I just looked at the time, it's only 8 AM....I have a long day ahead of me.


wendysue said...

Hope you're feeling better! It's amazing how fast those antibiotics can kick in. It seems like I get strep at least once a year (usually from my kids. . .thanks!). I know I've got it when I get the knives in the throat and feel like I've been hit by a truck.
Here's to a day of coloring and disney movies!
p.s. love your weespace.

Kage said...

Right? I have already made my kids sit through 4 hours of PLANET EARTH on Tivo...and I am about to put the little one down for a nap and make the older one watch the new Charlottes Web that the EB brought...

Rachel H said...

I am voting too. Not to be a meany- but what is up with the Lady from Scottland or where-ever who has ALREADY been a tv talkshow host and is not even a MOM yet! (she's prego) I mean, yes she looks great on camera- but isn't "already been a talk show host" against the rules when you are competeing with regular people? I don't think that is really fair. Anyway- You have to get it Kristy- you are definately the coolest. ;0)

Ashley said...

I hope you feel much better soon! I definitely voted for you and will continue to vote every day. :)

christy said...

hey kristy-new "fan" from texas here. just voted for you again and will tomorrow. good luck with the voting and hope you feel better soon.

wendysue said...

I love that Planet Earth series. Except when I'm watching it, my kids come out and ask. . ."is one of them going to die now?"

I just say, "Hey, this is the real world kiddo."

Samyo said...

I created a group for you on facebook, http://usu.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2296919555&ref=mf

Courtney has started to invite her friends and we have about 600 people at the moment invited to the group. 41 people have joined already and I have had the group up for less then an hour.

So theres a few votes for yah. :)

marian said...

The only good thing I can say about strep is that at least it's something that they can give you drugs for!

And I LOVE your weemee, I'm dying laughing just looking at it - does that make me a bad friend?

christy said...

new fan from texas here again. if you have the time i would love to hear some skin tips from you. your skin is gorgeous and other than sunscreen and drinking water what are some good tips? thanks

Kage said...

About skin: It's really genetic! But I do wash it at least once a day with Origin's face soap and I use Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer twice a day and their avocado under the eye cream at night....and I stay AWAY from sun.

Joy said...

You're adorable! I voted for you and will continue to do so - you are the best woman for the job!

Best of luck to you (although I'm sure you won't need it)