Friday, April 27, 2007

Gradually Going Green


Yesterday I went to the supermarket. For the first time, I remembered to bring at least one of my own bags. I used it to put my produce in while shopping, and then packed it with as many groceries as I could. I figured I saved at LEAST 3 plastic bags by using my own bag. I also decided to NOT double bag the remainder of my groceries, saving 3 MORE bags. And of course, I saved the 2 produce plastic bags that I would have put my broccolini and red pepper in.

I have decided to gradually add green items into my life, mostly because I can't afford to replace ALL of my current cleaning supplies and buy ALL new reusable grocery bags. I happened to have this green one (and I actually have one other, but it is occupied right now), and I hope to add to my collection. I have been researching. I think I will buy these ones.

Also this week I put in 5 light fixtures that contain energy-saving bulbs, and at the store today I bought my first CFL light bulb. I would have probably picked up one more, but they only had one.

I have been counting the ways that I am currently green:
1. I don't use many napkins (call me a slob)
2. I am going to stop taking my receipts at Metrocard Machines and ATMS (thank you lady on Oprah)
3. I re-wear clothes a lot before washing them, especially if I have only worn them a few hours.
4. I am in a good habit of turning off lights.
5. I am in a good habit of running my electronic heater/air conditioner as little as possible.
6. When the weather is agreeable, I exercise outside instead of on an electronic machine.
7. I don't run the tv for background noise.
8. I have appliances that I don't use very often, unplugged.
9. I use public transportation a lot.
10. I recycle everything that is recyclable (and probably some things that are not...oops)
11. I reuse shopping bags and grocery bags as much as possible. My favorite uses for the plastic grocery bags (that soon I won't have around the house) are for airplane trips, I collect my kids garbage in them throughout the flight, and then throw it all away at the end, and to collect my recyclables during the week. And if I had a dog, I am sure the bags would be used for the poop.

So Save the Earth, join the bandwagon, and do something green today.

Oh, and



DH said...

Sometimes (not this year because they were terrible) I enjoy watching the Boston Celtics...they are green. How am I doing? DH

TftCarrie said...

You do already have a leg up on almost everyone because of the public transportation thing. And in NYC you do so much walking - it's part of the culture already. In CA, a place that is pretty "Earthy", people drive EVERYWHERE! It's crazy! I met a girl who bought a Prius but drove the .5 miles to work everyday.


You got me laughing on that one.

HRose said... gotta love that DH of yours.

Linz said...

Love the grocery bag idea. Where did you get that green one?

Oh and I just cooked with broccolini for the first time last night and LOVED it.

katie said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I am always looking for new ways to save the Earth!

HK said...

A word of caution - keep an eye on your "green" grocery bags while shopping - I know several people who have had their bags stolen from their shopping carts while they were looking at items on a shelf. Sad but true commentary these days.

jlk said...

I just went to the link and I enjoyed the plastic bag counter running along the top. Martha did a show on this about a week ago and highlighted some of the points you made. The point is that if everyone made a small step, it would make a huge improvement on the earth.

Kage said...

C-I have a car situation that I have mixed feelings's great on my pocketbook, but not so great for the earth, but I don't drive it very much...

Oh my DH...he doesn't comment often, but when he does, he makes it count.

Green Bag--from my friend who I think got them at Urban OUtfitters, I am guessing they were trying to promote green at one point...

HK-M0y grocery bags will stay in my purse while I am shopping, not in my cart...and yes I know all about theft!

jlk-it's true, it's the little things that can make the biggest difference,that's why just that one light bulb felt really rewarding.

PamperingBeki said...

Good for you! I've been trying to become more aware of this lately and do more 'green' things. It's really not too difficult when you just take the time to think about it.

Melissa said...

I went "green" with all the chemicals in my house (ie - cleaning products, laundry dtgt. etc) about a year and a half ago, and now whenever I walk past the cleaning isle at the supermarket, the chemical smell is OVERPOWERING! I used to think it smelled sooo good and clean down that aisle! It's amazing how many toxins we have in our own homes - let alone how much extra junk we are putting into everyone else's air. I saw something on the news the other day that said that two hundred and forty something household chemicals had been linked to A.D.D. It's getting RIDICULOUS!!!

Elena said...

Great post!Thank you for sharing your ideas,inspiring!

Just want to add something,I read somewhere...
~Don't be fooled by the growing trend of "greenwasing"
the subterfugethat some businesses engagein by slapping ECO-labels on productsthat do nothing to help the environment.Just looking or talking GREEN isn't good enough.