Wednesday, April 11, 2007



I woke up this morning and I swallowed. And I didn't have to put on that "I am bracing myself for THE KNIVES" face. It felt a little...better. I am so happy that I got me some good drugs. Penicillin Rocks.

Meanwhile, we are about half way through the day today, and I have noticed that my website has gotten a literal RECORD number of hits today. At around 1 PM it was 196. That is a lot of visitors for me for a 1/2 day.

I figure this could be explained by the Real Savvy Moms contest. I am guessing that some people are watching my video and checking out my website listing at the end, some people are linking from the email that went out to get the vote out, some folks are googling "Mrs. Incredible", stopping by my blog, and then clicking my name on the sidebar while thinking: "Who the heck is Kristy Glass?", but I have a sneaky suspicion the sudden traffic is because of another blog I know, spreading the word.

Even though she doesn't have a direct link to my website, I think her readers are loyal enough to do a little further checking on me, before they just cast a vote. I am talking about the one, the only, Heidi Swapp. Yes, my cousin Heidi has put a shout out for me, and her loyal (many) readers have responded with gusto. So, thank you!

If you scroll through the comments on her post about the vote, you will see that a handful of folks have seen Runway Moms and thought it was cool to make the connection between the two of us. That was something I don't think Heidi or I expected, so that has been fun.

Well, we have 9 days to go to get the vote out, and that is exciting. The first few days have certainly been thrilling, and now I know we are all anticipating where this might take me (us) hang on for the ride.



Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! I TOTALLY had a heart attack! HEIDI SWAPP is your COUSIN??!!!! HOLY SMOKES! That is just WAY TOO COOL!!!

If you can't tell I HEART Heidi! I'm not a scrapbooker but I do make my own cards - tons of them. I LOVE her product lines. A few summers ago while on a break from teaching I worked at a store who carried her products. Everytime we got something in of hers it would almost immediatly sell out!

WOW! I am in awe! SUCH a talented family you have! An accomplished singer, actor, mother, WVHS alumn, AND an accomplished scrapbooker in one family! Are there any more famous people hiding in your family still? :)

Oh - as a side note - I have been voting for you everyday as a non-member. I THINK - don't know - but THINK that non-members can vote several times. I've done multiple votes in one sitting and wasn't blocked or got a message that I exceeded my voting counts. I wonder if it works?


Janet O. said...

Um. Hey Kristy. I am the accompanist for the Lyric and Ensemble Singers of YNS, and I met you briefly at Christmastime.

Anyway...I'm also a "scrap groupie" and it was with much surprise today that I found out you are HS's cousin...too FUNNY!

At any rate...I voted for ya and I hope you feel better soon - good luck!

Janet (weird redhead at the piano - ring a bell? LOL)

Jody said...

Between you and Heidi, I think your family stole all the beauty and creativity genes! Forunately for the rest of us, you both have big hearts and share your talents with people around you. I love that! I'm pulling for you in this voting gig...and hope that your penicillan kicks in soon.
Just had to share this with you. I used to call myself a "SAHM"...but referred to myself as a 'stuck-at-home-mom'. I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Well, except to be related to you and Heidi. =)
Good luck and enjoy the journey of your life- no matter if you *win* or not. You're a lucky lady regardless.

theswappbehindtheheidi said...

like no way, you are the cousin to the one and only hks?
so funny to read the comments on both sides of the blog watching people make the connections.
you will make an awesome host
by the way, on the east coast you can vote again, it is past midnight.

go olives' mom, go!