Friday, April 13, 2007

A Mighty NYC Wind


When it rains in the city, I have a hard time NOT complaining. When the complaints start entering my mind, my mantra is: "water is good for the earth, thank goodness there isn't a drought, I love water, water is good for me...." It helps.

When there is rain, I glance outside and either smile and sigh that I am stuck inside, or exhale deeply with great trepidation because I have to go out in it, and I don't mean in the safety of my SUV.

Yesterday was a DEEP DEEP exhale day. Actually, I could not tell JUST how bad it was from the safety of my 5th floor window. What followed was the worst Glass Posse Rain Day in History.

Yesterday, I had my yearly exam. As a va-jay-jay-carrying member of society, I take this appointment very seriously. Mostly, because I get the goods re-prescribed. I had gotten a reminder call that said: If you do not cancel or reschedule this appointment, 24 hours before the appointment, we will charge you a $50- fee.

As I looked out the window, having just blown dry my hair (and I FINALLY got it to look good after my recent hair cut), I considered driving into the city and parking. However, I knew there was usually a wait and I didn't have $75-100 to spend on parking. I also didn't want to be charged $50- for cancelling an hour ahead of time.

So, I rallied the troops, grabbed two umbrellas and out we walked.

We had not walked 10 steps before we were overtaken.

The little one (holding a cheap small umbrella), was pushed over by the wind, onto her belly, while her umbrella inverted. Shortly after I got her up on her feet, my heavy duty golf umbrella, inverted, AND the fabric went flying off. I was holding a skeleton. In the 2.5 seconds it took me to retrieve the fabric, the umbrella, pitch the cheap umbrella, and grab the kids and stoop into the deli at the corner, we were DRENCHED. I tried to put the umbrella together in the deli. The baby grabbed skittles, something else and tic tacs, and handed them all to the shop owner, while I tried to piece together the umbrella. Apparently the tic tacs were the last straw b/c the woman asked us to go to the back of the deli, (where there is even MORE food to grab off the shelves-brilliant lady), so that I could get out of the way of all the customers that were out and about in this hurricane.

I left.

Luckily I was only 10 steps away from my own building where I sought refuge and some help piecing together the umbrella. We gathered ourselves, rallied, looked at each other like we were crazy, and then set out again, only to the same fate.

At that moment I had a decision. All I could think about was being 50-100 dollars in the hole. And if I had it to do over again, I would say that it might as well have been 50 cents to a dollar, and well worth staying home, but being the budget-conscious bird brain that I am, we carried on.

I had an out of body experience. It was like I was watching myself be the worst mom on the planet. I carried the baby (thank you crazy adrenaline), and instructed the 5-y-old to just keep her eyes on my feet. We made it to the subway stop, wetter than if we had just walked through a water fall. By the time we transferred trains, and walked to the Gynee Office, we were a sight. We took paper hand towels to try to dry our hair and clothes. We spread out our coats (and made the chairs quite wet), to try to dry them.

After an hour wait, I was SO HAPPY to take my clothes off! I had never been so thrilled to be naked on a table before. I put my wet clothes on the heater and willed them to dry as fast as they could. When I put them back on, they were just a little damp, compared to the VERY WET they were before the heater. My friend called as we were leaving, and just knowing we were out in it, she couldn't help but laugh. I expressed that I wasn't QUITE in the laughing-about-it stage yet, since I was about to make the return trek home.

This time, I found a slightly more out of the way subway route, but with less OUTSIDE-NESS, since I had ditched my umbrella by the Columbus Circle Stop. We made it home in one piece and were SO grateful to have a drier that did not require a walk in the rain to get to. Our dry clean only coats were soaked to the bone, and we shall see if there are any lasting affects from their walk in the rain.

The moral of the story? Well, there are a few. If there is WIND in the forecast (along with rain), take it very seriously. Second, it is a good idea to know what 50 bucks is worth to you, and that your Va-Jay-Jay health is probably worth it. Thirdly, teaching your children that it's important is worth it too.

P.S. It's Friday the 13th, maybe your VOTE counts double!


D said...

Sounds pretty wild. You need 1-piece rainsuits with attached hoods for these occasions. Orange would be perfect.

Suzanne said...

What a day! NYC truly is the WORST place to be when it rains. I am glad you all survived.

Petite Mom Blogger said...

Yesterday we had wind but no rain. We could have walked our son to his Dr's appt considering it's barely a walk across the road but we decided to drive instead. What a difference in cities, huh? Of course our city is a very small town with no parking fees.

good luck with the contest ;)


Melissa said...

I love this story - sorry - let me know when you can laugh about it.
I remember looking out at the rain in NYC and figuring that THIS would be the time I would beat it, but no matter what, I would always end up drenched.
Here's to having a dryer!

Natasha said...

HAIL A CAB!!! We live in NYC! I am very jealous of your dryer. When I need something to dry quickly, I have discovered the a couple minutes in the microwave works well. . .as long as it is a natural fiber. . .

LJ said...

Kristy, this post was hilarious. You really need to write a bestseller book someday. It makes us other mommies realize that we're not the only ones wrestling with our kids in all types of situations (this one, however, was especially unique...). Thanks for sharing your adventures on your blog- they always make me smile. BTW, I am voting every day for you- what a great savvy mom host you'd be! Best of luck!

Lynn G-J from Naperville

Jody said...

Hi Kristy~
I hope you don't mind, but I 'stole' your picture off of Heidi's blog, and posted it along with a link asking my blog readers to follow it and cast their vote for you. I hope I get you a few more numbers...and wish you much luck ending up on top!
I loved your attitude all through your 'rain/umbrella' hassle yesterday. The world needs more perspective like that. It's one of the reasons I blog so is SO MUCH about how we choose to respond to the circumstances in which we find ourselves from day to day. I have learned to find joy in the journey. Rain or SHine!! =)
Best of've gotten a few of my votes already. I hope it's enough.

Kage said...

Nat, I WOULD have hailed a cab if I had more than $1 in my pocket.

jordanandariana said...

Hey Kristy! This is Jordan Keith, just wanted to let you know my wife and I will be up and running with the blogging now. You should link us! Fun seeing what's going on in your guys' life!

Elder Keith

Jolene George said...

Oh my gosh! I can't imagine going through all of that. You are a brave brave girl, but you are was an important appointment. You have such a great attitude. Ya know, it's nice and warm here in Arizona and you could visit sweet Heidi.
I vote for you every single day! I sure hope you win.

Melissa said...

Kristy -
It's so funny that even though I haven't seen you in years, you seem to be popping up everywhere! On TV, at my Drs ofice, at Babies R Us, and yesterday on my sister-in-law's computer. We'll vote as many times as we possibly can. You look fantastic, and your family is adorable. How is your cute sister Lindsay? Hope all is well, and good luck!
Melissa (Kopp) Wilson

Natasha said...

Ah yes. . .the dreaded "lack of cash in the wallet" dilema. STORY OF MY LIFE!!
I am glad to hear you made it to the appointment and back safe and sound :-)

chanel said...

hi kristy, i am a friend of heidi's from australia, i am staying with her at the moment ... so i stopped by and voted for you, thought i'd say hi and let you know your video is the BEST ... good luck to you my dear
luv chanel

Kage said...

Hey newcomers! Thanks for stopping by...I am hoping to keep track of ya'll through your blogs, once I get a chance to organize my bloglines.....thanks for voting!