Monday, April 16, 2007

Road Tasted

I had an audition on Friday for a Food Network show called Road Tasted.

It was a fun audition. They gave me a sheet with information about this restaurant in Miami. In the room, there were two casting associates who asked me to pretend that we were all driving in the car, on the way to Sonia's, and for me to talk to them about the restaurant really casually as we were driving there.

And this is what I said:
"Guys, I am taking you to this awesome restaurant called Sonia's Patties. She makes the most most amazing Jamaican Patties. I love mild beef, but YOU are going to love the curry chicken, because I know how you love curry...and YOU are going to want the sampler because I know how you love taking a bight of everyone's food, and I am a little OCD with my germs, and you are NOT getting a bight of mine.

"I love this restaurant because even though it is 2000 square feet, it feels so nice and homey. The most amazing thing about this restaurant, actually I think I already said what the most amazing thing was, but there is another amazing thing, and that is, that you can bring some patties home with you. They sell them in packs. I gave some to my cleaning lady for Christmas, and she was like: 'I have never had such a unique gift before, these patties are awesome!', and now she is a regular customer.

"I send a lot of people to Sonia, so she knows me, and whenever I go she is like: 'Thanks for sending people!'. You guys are gonna love it."

I am not sure if I was supposed to ramble on and on. I am not sure if they intended to interact with me, but they sure didn't...they just stared at the monitor as I made up stories about my imaginary cleaning lady.

After my impromptu Patties monologue, they asked me to do a special skill that they read from my resume. Which one did they choose? Whistling. So, I whistled Happy Birthday and as I was leaving I said something that ended with, "...we all get it eventually.", and one of the casting associates said: "Yup, just like herpes." And they laughed. A lot.

The thing is, whatever I had said, I am quite certain had nothing to do with an STD, nor was the conversation meant to go there at all, but her punch line was randomly funny, and even though it was about herpes, I am hoping they remember that they were entertained for a few minutes.


Karen said...

Random question... Im a childrens photographer in dallas (found you through Heidis blog, as I am also an obsessed scrapbooker)... but I am wondering how does one become a Child Wrangler.. because I am VERY good at that and would love to get involved in it. I have customers bring their difficult children to sessions at my studio simply because they heard I can do it! I would appreciate any help in that direction you can give! By the way, I started reading your blogs today and CANNOT stop.. you crack me up... and dont get me started on NYC. I live in Dallas, and would adore living in the Big Apple! you lucky girl! ;o) Thanks for anything you can help with in advance... in case you want to check out my blog in your many spare minutes of the day its on my website
Thanks again! Karen

Rachel H said...

That's really funny. From pushin' patties to sounds like a busy day. =)

Jolene George said...

From what I gathered from this, I think you were a hit. I think you're a naturally likable girl that people are drawn to...even if the intentions wer'nt to go to herpies. It was still funny. Let us know if you get called back.
Off to do my daily vote.

Kage said...

Karen, the answer to your RQ is that you just have to spread the word...very few people that I know do it full time, and it's NYC where there is TONS of work...I usually do it on average, once a month, when one of them is not available....

Many wranglers have cards or websites...check out: Jean Neubohn. She is sort of a jack of all trades, including wrangler...

Suzanne said...

I LOVE Frank! I know Melissa D. and she told me about Saloon. I am pretty sure that she found out about him from you. Anyway...he knows that I know who you are but I told him that I don't "know" you. We really should meet up one of these days...I really feel like I do know you. (in a non-stalker kind of a way)