Thursday, April 26, 2007


Thanks to all of you who have been spreading the word about Real Savvy Moms through your own blogs and emails and websites.

I have two friends in business who were recently featured on Startup Princess. They very graciously recommended that I be featured there during the course of this contest, so thanks Melissa and Krista. It was fun to be interviewed by them, and see the finished product (click on Startup Princess to see).

Also, to my awesomely supportive and loyal cousins and sibs...
Sam (on facebook)
Supreme Court-I am not sure if you were getting out the vote, but if you were, thanks chica lica.
And of course my Tales girls. You should stop by there today because they are having an awesome FREEBIE from my other friend in business.

You have really helped me rock it, so thanks.


wendysue said...

I noticed that Designmom gave you a shout out too! (I would link that but I'm too tired today. . .) Vote, vote, vote!!

Kage said...

Yes, thank you Design mom for your continued support!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your mention here...we've received a lot of views from your link today, thanks for that. ;)

BEST of luck! We're all hoping you win...honestly, I hope whomever is #2 pick can match your talent, etc as a co-host. I'm a little worried that you will outshine the other host!

BTW, I'm from Burbank originally and have a performing/theatre/kid-model background. ;) Fun stuff.